List Of Wells Fargo Routing Number


Bank routing numbers are necessary if you want to make a direct deposit or order new checks to send money to someone. But there is always confusion in the mind of the customers and these further increases with various answers regarding the question. Here you can find the Wells Fargo routing number. But before we move ahead, it should be more explicit what precisely a routing number is?.

What Is Wells Fargo Routing Number?

A Routing number is a nine-digit number that you can see in the lower left corner of your cheque. The first two digits indicate the location of the bank out of the 12 Federal Reserve Bank districts. The next two numbers represent the bank branch or check processing center assigned to the bank, and in this Wells Fargo. The Next 4 numbers are the unique identification number assigned to your bank like bank account number assigned to different customers. The last digit is used to verify the accuracy of the routing number.

The routing number is also infamous as ABA number or check routing number, and in 1910 it came into existence by the efforts of American Bankers Association. The aim was to create a way to process paper checks and enable banks and other financial unions to send and receive funds accurately from other financial institutions. The Wells Fargo ABA number also helps the customers to transfer money and maintain account easily.
Wire Transfers are faster than paper transactions as they have higher priority and use different routing numbers. International Wire transactions use SWIFT codes (WFBIUS6S) that uniquely identify a particular bank worldwide.

Wells Fargo ABA number

All banks have the different routing number, and their subsequent branches get a different routing number according to their location. Wells Fargo also follows these criteria. Your Wells Fargo routing number will highly depend on the branch in which you have opened your bank account. You will get a ABA number according to the branch where you first opened your account. Banks can also have multiple routing numbers if it is necessary. Small banker and other financial institutions have only one routing number whereas larger banks like Wells Fargo have different routing numbers for each state they operate in.

How Do I find Wells Fargo Bank Routing Numbers?

Though routing numbers allow faster transactions, one must take care while engaging in the transactions. As Wells Fargo has different routing number for every state they operate in, you need to carefully check the routing numbers so that you don’t accidentally send your money to someplace else. Routing number on a check are different for wire transfers and before proceeding, you should make sure that they are accurate. Use the table below to find the correct routing number of Wells Fargo according to your branch location, or you can also call their customer’s helpline number.

Wells Fargo is an American Banking and financial services holding company headquartered in San Francisco. It is the third largest bank in the US and has been providing their services for 163 years through numerous branches located all across the country. A routing number is necessary if you want to engage in a money transfer through checks or wire transactions. Wells Fargo has separate ABA numbers for its branches in different states. You can find the ABA number for your particular branch on the lower left corner of the cheque. You can even call their customer service to find your respective bank routing number. Otherwise, we have already listed all the Wells Fargo routing number in the tables above that you can use to find your respective Wells Fargo bank routing number.