Know The Common Types of Firework for Sale Before Trying Your Hand Out!


You can either go to a massive fireworks display in the town or even arrange for your own fireworks display at your backyard. The firework for sale is most opportune for both of these instances. Here is the biggest advantage of fireworks; they come in a wide range both by the type and the type of effects as well.

You know what this means, right? If you are planning a display in a small backyard garden space, you have the scope of using smaller fireworks and at the same time if the space you have for firing the crackers is more, you can go for bigger ones. Volume is another thing that you must check when you plan a fireworks display. This will depend on the kind of area or neighborhood that you live in.

However, beyond the practical needs of different kinds of fireworks, the fireworks for sale also offers fireworks of various kinds that can never fail to cheer you up during a fireworks display. There are many who are themselves fireworks fan and love to spot the different kinds in a display, while other simply enjoy explaining each of them to their kids.

Here are a few major variations of fireworks to be familiar with:


This is the particular firework that is best fitting for smaller fireworks display. Fountains are really fun to look at for starters and moreover, they provide brilliant showers of sparks, crackles as effects. Fountains, as evident by the very name, shoot upwards and then fall down creating a magnificent fountain effect. If you are looking for more of a visual element in the shape of fireworks and not surprising and loud noise effects, nothing can beat the fountains.

Catherine Wheel:

The legend says that St. Catherine was supposed to be martyred upon a spinning wheel. Thus, this is where the name of this firework came from. The Catherine   Wheels are usually emitted as coil spins and whistles and crackles are the common sound effects of Catherine wheels. Individual display of Catherine wheels is surely fun to watch but the impact doubles when it is clubbed with different firework arrangement. The best way to fire up this type is to pin them tight to a post and for a better visual effect try attaching them as high as possible.


The explosive head of a rocket is filled with the colored elements. It also has a motor. When lit, the rockets brilliant colorful effects. Rockets are perhaps the most famous type of fireworks available in the market. Why wouldn’t they be? After all, they are one of the most versatile kind that come in a vast range of colors, size as well as shape. A rocket launching tube is essential to launch a rocket. Rockets can reach enormous heights but, of course that depends on the type of rocket that you’ll be using.

Roman candle:

Roman candles are filled with a ball that shoot out as stars in different colors, crackles and hums when lit. Roman candles, just as rockets can be used individually as well as in cakes.