Know All About Voya Life Insurance


Voya life insurance offers a variety of policy types to fit the needs of any individual. This article will review the main policy types offered by Voya life insurance and the things you should consider before purchasing a life insurance policy.

What Should I Know First?

One of the first things you should know is that Voya life insurance is a reputable company. They are based in Woodbury, New York and founded in 1885. They’ve been around over 100 years, and their customer service upholds the brand’s values of excellent care and affordable pricing.

What Policy Options Do I Have?

The two most common policies are term life insurance and universal life insurance.

Term life insurance confines the death benefit to a certain number of years. If you outlive your policy coverage, you will have to seek new coverage later on. Finding coverage at an older age will often result in more expensive premiums.

Universal life insurance is different, and allows you to make certain changes as time passes.

What Should I Consider?

Before deciding on a policy, one of the many things you should think about is your family. Other than yourself, your family is the main reason you are getting life insurance.

Some things you should look into is the history of the companies you are considering, their reputation amongst policyholders, and their overall BBB rating. All of these factors will help you determine if the company is worthy of your business.

Other Factors

Other factors include how easy it will be to deal with the company. Does customer service seem friendly? Do the agents answer calls promptly? Can they answer all of your questions?

One thing that you should remember is that your children and other relatives will need to contact the insurance company at the time of your passing to receive the death benefit. Do you perceive the agents as being knowledgeable and friendly do help them during that time?


There are so many things that go into deciding what will be the best life insurance policy for the needs of you and your family. Don’t take it lightly. Your decision shouldn’t be rushed. You should put time and effort into finding the right company. One that fits your budgets and covers all of your needs.

Agents should be friendly, and be able to answer any and all questions you have about your policy.

Sometimes, the best thing to help you decide what company to choose is to act relatives and friends which companies they have worked with and who had the best coverage options and pricing.