Is your company culture helping you to attract the right people?


Recruiting and retaining the right people for your business can be a challenge. It’s not just about picking out the best candidates; it’s also about making sure talented people apply for the positions you advertise and decide to stay once they get started in their roles. Your company culture can play a major role in enabling you to achieve this.

If you’re wondering whether the ethos in your business is helping or hindering you when it comes to attracting the best personnel, it’s worth asking yourself the following questions.

Are you clear about what you stand for?

Speaking at a conference last year, Chris Niarchos, Appco Group chairman and founder, emphasised the importance of being clear about what your business stands for. Addressing an audience of owners of independent marketing companies that Appco UK contracts, the entrepreneur said: “The culture of a company is like music in a nightclub – the type of music you play affects the people who want to come in.” Providing examples, he stated that if you want to attract ambitious people, you need to sell ambition, while if you’re keen to recruit innovators, you should create a culture centred on innovation.

Your ethos should permeate all aspects of your business, from the design of your workspace, to the way you communicate with colleagues, to the marketing material you create.

Are you always looking to improve?

It’s easy to get set in your ways in business, but if you want to create a dynamic culture that appeals to forward-thinking employees, it’s essential that you’re willing to move with the times and continually look for ways to improve your company.

Another speaker at the Appco UK event highlighted the significance of this issue, saying that over time, even seemingly small changes can help to create lasting business success. Concurring with this point, Chris suggested that entrepreneurs need to be prepared to get out of their comfort zones and make changes to their business models in order to move forward.

Do you encourage learning and development?

People take a range of things beyond remuneration packages into account when they’re deciding whether to join or stay with a particular company. One issue that’s at the forefront of many people’s minds is what sort of opportunities they will have to acquire new knowledge and skills and to progress in their careers.

This means that if you want to woo and keep hold of the most talented individuals, it’s useful to create a company culture that encourages learning and development and supports people as they enhance their abilities.