Is It Too Late To Change My Injury Claim Lawyer?


Whether you are in the early stages of an accident claim or you are a few months into the process, it is never too late to change your injury claim lawyer.

The main thing to consider when doing so is how your existing lawyer is going to get paid, because you will have almost certainly racked up legal costs so far.

Usually, the solution to this is a ‘binding promise’, which is agreed between your lawyers stipulating that your old lawyer can recover their costs and their fees from the other side or by taking a percentage of your compensation upon claim success. Your old solicitor will send your new solicitor a breakdown of their costs and a bill and this will be processed after the claim is completed, just as your new lawyer’s legal costs will be.

Such an agreement will leave the terms of your no win, no fee agreement intact, so you will not have to pay either of your lawyer’s fees if your claim is unsuccessful. However should this be the case, then you may still be liable for the other side’s costs.

Furthermore, you also need to consider that depending on how far along your claim is, another lawyer may be unwilling to take on your case because it simply isn’t financially viable for them. If two solicitors work your case, then they can only take 25% of your total compensation amount as payment between themselves.

Another thing to consider is whether or not changing your lawyer is even worthwhile. If you are in the advanced stages of making a claim, then switching to another lawyer will for all intents and purposes be pointless. For example, if the other side has accepted liability and all you are now waiting on is for the other side to accept your settlement demand, there will be little to gain from switching to another solicitor. Generally speaking, most people switch their solicitor early on in the claims process because they are unhappy with their service.

Injury claim lawyers are used to taking on cases that have already been worked by another law firm, however. Usually, people switch lawyers because they are unhappy with the advice given to them and where this is the case switching may be the best option. For example, if you are being advised by your solicitor to settle for less money than you think you are owed, consulting another solicitor will definitely be worthwhile. In addition to this, if you do not like your solicitor as a person, then you can switch to another solicitor. Always make sure that you know about the costs to do so, though.