How will the GDPR impact SEO?


It’s very possible that you’ve never heard of the GDPR, but if you own a website, it will certainly affect you. What exactly is the GDPR?

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GDPR stands for the General Data Protection Regulation, and this will come into effect in May 2018. This will have a huge impact on the way that businesses run their websites, especially if your website takes secure details from customers, such as their email address for a newsletter or their bank details for a purchase.

This promises to have a big effect on current SEO practices, and it is important for website managers to be aware of these changes so they are not penalised.

How the GDPR will impact SEO

If you use SEO on your website, it is very likely that you have SEO goals. For example, maybe your goal is to get a certain number of newsletter sign ups, or maybe it is a particular level of engagement on your website.

The GDPR will affect this as it means that you will need to be very clear to customers about what you will do with their details. For example, if you ask members to sign up to your newsletter, you will also have to say why, so you will have to let them know that you want their email so that you can continue to send them various marketing campaigns for your business.

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This could negatively affect sign-ups, as seven out of 10 Brits don’t trust advertising and it is possible that customers will feel like they are being advertised to on a more regular basis.

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The main issue that GDPR aims to deal with is consent. Many people sign up to products and services without being sure exactly what they are signing up to, and the GDPR regulations set out to ensure that every single user consents fully when they sign up to a service.

This is very beneficial for customers, but it is likely that it will present a series of problems for website owners and business managers as many users will feel like websites are trying to rope them into unappealing offers with unnecessary add-ons.