How to Use Instagram for Attracting Email Subscribers?

Email Subscribers

There is a lot of craze about the social media platforms in this digital era and rightly so. Social media platforms are the best for brands to intimately and consistently connect with existing and potential customers. Social media marketing particularly, Instagram marketing has been responsible for making this possible. However, you simply cannot overlook or undermine the role of email marketing, which seems to be a crucial player in today’s highly competitive digital marketing landscape.

Instagram takes immense pride in giving social media marketers an opportunity for immediate access to truly healthy and robust brand fans, whereas, email marketing is supposed to be the most effective direct line of interaction and communication that any business could establish with its target audience. Moreover, email marketing is here to stay despite some criticism. Let us explore how to leverage Instagram for boosting email subscribers. It would be taking just a few simple steps for attracting adequate email ammunition to register predictable routine sales.

Come Up with a Fascinating Lead Magnet/Opt-in

You must first determine precisely about what actually matters to your clients. What are the issues encountered by them? What sort of information are they lacking in? What is it that they genuinely and desperately are looking for? It is quite obvious that you would not be able to provide effective solutions to all their issues but you could easily identify something specific and come up with an effective solution to that particular problem in the form of a lead magnet.

You must appreciate that lead magnets would be coming in diverse shapes and sizes. From worksheets and coupons to e-books and mini-courses, a fabulous lead makes providing personal information no big deal. Thanks to this, email addresses and names keep coming. But what has Instagram got to do with this kind of digital marketing insanity? It is pretty simple.

For obtaining your lead magnet, consumers would be coming across promotional posts at first, on Instagram. Then they would be heading to your Instagram bio, and clicking on the link to obtain it. You could utilize Gramista for boosting engagement.

Create an Instagram-Exclusive Landing Page

Where do you think the link would be leading your consumers? It is natural to think that the link would be leading to your firm’s website but the link must be redirecting fans and followers to a specific landing page where you could easily obtain your lead magnet. This is great for getting rid of potential customer confusion. You could now accurately measure the actual impact and effectiveness of Instagram marketing.

When an email address and a name is submitted, the new lead would be having what he had actually wanted such as free valuable content. You are now capable of connecting and interacting with the lead via email whenever you please.

Include a Really Powerful CTA Strategically In the Instagram Bio

Coming up with a fantastic lead magnet and a fully-optimized landing page would all go to a waste if you do not incorporate an alluring call-to-action within your Instagram bio or on Instagram posts. Downloads and clicks would be going down and the exact number of received emails would be plunging too. You must incorporate a powerful and tempting call-to-action.


Content could still be the king while social media marketing could be the latest digital marketing trend. However, email marketing is actually here to stay. So it is high time that you logged into your Instagram account and started growing your own email list.

Author Bio: Peter Stanford is a social media specialist, experienced content developer, and an avid blogger. He has been associated with a number of SMM & SEM campaigns for various startups and SMEs. He specializes in utilizing effective tools such as Gramista and IFTTT for boosting Instagram presence and building organically a follower base.