How to Stop a Foreclosure Sale Date


Collection calls and foreclosure notices are the biggest worry of homeowner and it could eat up away night of sleep and completely take away happiness. Help can be found, and it the help should be able to stop panicking in a tight situation to get organized form of help. The best option to stop a foreclosure is to hire a law firm like Consumer Action Law Group. Consumer Action Law Group is a leading law firm in Los Angeles with many senior level foreclosureattorneys who know the ins and outs of foreclosure law and how to stop a foreclosure within 5 minute. So to save time and energy it’s best to hire a foreclosure lawyers to ease your happiness and best of all save the home of your life.

How the Consumer Action Law Group Attorneys Provide Help

As a foreclosure specialist law firm, you can trust them to stop foreclosure. They are very organize and professional with their legal service.  On the first call, you will be connected to a case evaluation representative. They will then ask you a series of questions related to your matter. It’s best if you answer truthfully and precise as possible to get the best help. After, you will be connected to a foreclosure attorney to evaluate your case. They will let you know what you need to do to stop the foreclosure and if you want to hire their service, they will quote you a price on the first call. Below isthe most relevance procedure that a foreclosure attorney might execute:

  • Inspect and analyze the whole case and the situation, to see when you received the notice, how much time you have till foreclosure, how much your lender owes from you, and the things you did or didn’t do during the period.
  • On analyzing the complete situation, the attorney will decide how to proceed with your case.
  • If situation permits, then the attorney will talk on your behalf while accompanying you with your lender, and try to get to an out of the court settlement while avoiding foreclosure.
  • Go through all documents and case history to find out if there are any chances or proofs of wrongful foreclosure or faulty commitments by the lender.

These steps always give the mortgage foreclosure attorney the proper direction for the case.

Protecting the Rights of the Borrower from Mortgage Fraud

The Consumer Action Law Group attorney knows it very well those lenders may try to change clauses, and take advantage of the bottleneck situation while modifying the loan when they agree for a loan modification. The lawyers therefore always attends such meetings between the borrower and lender, and mediate as needed to check that all decisions are in the favor of the borrower and all rights of the borrower are protected.

On getting the lender faulty at any point in loan modification oron getting proof of wrongful foreclosureattempts by the lender, the attorney can immediately help you sue the lender for violating sb900 which is a potential way to stop the foreclosures can impact your credit too.