How To Seek Professional Help From Bail Bond Services

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People arrested in criminal cases are, at times, let out of jail by posting a bond. Even though we have heard of numerous statements like this, there are many who do not know what posting a bond, is all about.

Bail bond—a definition

A bail bond is actually a process wherein a person arrested on criminal charges is able to get bail even before the trial begins. This bail needs to be ordered by a judge who asks the person to furnish a certain amount of money in lieu of his physical presence. The process is actually very simple to read about but in real life there are a number of complications that might arise. For example, the person applying for the bond might not have the required amount of money asked by the courts.

In these cases it is very important to take professional help. This type of help can only be given by professional companies like the Bail Bonds Van Nuys who employ licensed agents to carry out this job.

Bail Bonds Van Nuys

Who are Bail bond agents?

Bail bond agents or bondsmen as they are popularly called, are people who either work individually or with a company. These agents

  • Act as surety on behalf of the person wanting a bail and
  • Pledge the money required by the court of law for giving a bail.

Bail bond agents generally charge a non-refundable fee for executing this whole process. The whole transaction is also based on trust wherein the defendant has to promise to appear for court hearings as and when required. In case he fails to keep his promise and disappears, the bondsmen have the rights to utilise the services of the bounty hunters and trace out the person.

Requirements for becoming a Bondsman

A bondsman has to fulfil certain criteria before he can get the license to operate as a bail bond agent. Some of these criteria are:

  • He should be a citizen of the country concerned or a legitimate migrant.
  • He should be over eighteen years of age.
  • He has to take training both in theory and practical before he can apply for a license.
  • He also requires to have a good criminal record.

It is always better for a bondman to associate himself with a professional company like Bail Bonds Van Nuys which deals in bail bonds to get the necessary job experience and guidance required to become the best in the field.