How To Scale Up Your WordPress Business Through Inbound Marketing


No matter the size of your business, following best marketing practices will lead to increased sales and quality leads. Although social media and content marketing are ruling the digital landscape, for those who are looking for an effective but subtle way of promotion, inbound marketing is your answer. Nowadays, inbound marketing is an integral part of marketing strategy that could help you generate leads and revenue if performed properly.

What is inbound marketing?

Unlike traditional marketing where you approach endless stream of people, inbound marketing focuses on potential customers only. It basically offers a comprehensive methodology to encourage more number of people to buy your product or service. Rendering a systematic approach, it’s all about creating a content that attracts your audience and keep them coming back.

How does it work?

Attract – You want to be found by people who are potential customers. These are your ideal customers, on whom you should focus your content creation. This is where inbound marketing uses this high quality content to promote your brand.

Convert – Once you have gained their attention, convert them into leads. Here you will be using your visitor’s’ name, email, address through forms, landing pages and call to actions.

Close – In this step, you convert your contacts into actual customers. You can use various marketing tools to achieve this such as marketing automation, email, CRM software etc.

Entertain – Your work doesn’t stop at simply converting leads, now you have to continually keep your current customers engaged. By using smart content, surveys and call to actions etc. transform them into loyal customers.

Inbound marketing strategy for your WordPress site

  1. Create quality content – Having a keyword filled content is not enough. For a successful inbound marketing, create informational, unique and engaging content that stand out from the rest. Make sure the content is targeted to potential customers and provides valuable information about your product or service.
  1. Use images and videos – To attract more web visitors towards your site, add images. Create relevant and engaging images along with slideshows, videos and infographics to make your brand stand out. Also, promote them on social media websites and web channels.
  1. Share a freebie – In inbound marketing, the best way to create leads in your sales funnel is through an effective email marketing. So, by offering occasionally a big content for free in email,  is a good way to capture audience. You can explain the benefits of downloading this content but make it available for limited time only.
  1. Leverage CTA – Create some visible, interesting and compelling Call to Actions(CTA) along with a sense of urgency to tell your web visitors what to do next. Add these CTAs to direct emails and newsletters to reach the right people.
  1. Track the performance of campaign – The next step in the right direction is to gather data and analyze it to get an understanding of your inbound marketing strategies. Also, integrate Google Analytics for better and more accurate results. Get a complete insight into existing campaigns regarding how many contact have been converted into actual customers etc.

Being a business owner, you have a lots of responsibilities where marketing can easily get pushed down on your priority list. Through inbound marketing, you can generate new visitors and customers through blogs, newsletters, videos etc. You just need to create content that your target audience is interested in and share it with them at the right time.