How to Register Online at LIC e-Services


LIC India’s New LIC e-Services Portal

LIC of India, or the Life Insurance Corporation of India, is one of India’s largest and oldest state-owned insurance companies, with its headquarters in Mumbai. It was founded in 1956 and has served the country reliably and efficiently for over 60 years.

Among other modernising facilities, LIC India has now caught up with the policy of ‘Digital India’ and has made many of its services available online through its LIC e-services portal. This is supposed to help customers create their LIC login and access various services online, and cut out agents or ‘middlemen’ and help them keep charge of their own requirements.

Should You Sign Up for LIC e-Services?

The procedure to sign up for LIC India’s e-Services is easy and straightforward, and any customer with an existing policy can do so.

While many customers may feel it is not worth the hassle, learning how to handle the LIC e-Services portal is very easy, moreover

  • It will save you money that you would have spent on agents, on couriering, or even on transport costs to go to the branch.
  • You can take advantage of access to a number of services like premium history, policy conditions, online payments, loans and claims status, and others.
  • It will save you a great deal of time, you will not need to physically visit the branch. You will not have to spare the time from work to go during work hours, you can simply conduct your business on the computer.
  • You will learn how to manage your own account details of your insurance policies, and not have to rely on agents to tell you important facts.
  • It will also give you greater control over your own policies. You can view your premium dues and that dates right in front of you at any time. You can authorize premium payments at any time. In case you have forgotten until the last date, you can still pay online without incurring any additional cost. You can also schedule payments so that you no longer need to keep track of premium dates, they will be paid automatically.

What Services Are Provided Through the LIC Online Portal?

Almost everything you need to do to manage your policies is possible through the e-Services portal. Once you’ve registered and logged-in, you can

  • Pay your premiums online
  • Manage your nominee details
  • Manage your policy details
  • Read your policy conditions
  • Manage any loans you may have
  • Register complaints with any policy or service issue

Step By Step Registration Process

First time users, or those unused to the internet may be a little disturbed but the website has been well-designed for the ease of use of all types of customers.

The website is www.licindia[dot]in, and to the left of the page there is a list of Online Services.

  • Click on the ‘Customer Portal’
  • On the new page you will find ‘New User’
  • On the new page you are directed to, provide all the information that is asked for, including the email ID you want registered. Since you will be using this ID a lot, make it one that you frequently access.
  • You will also have to make a user ID, and a password
  • Once you have filled in all this you will also be asked to fill in your policy details. Fill in the form and print it
  • Sign the printed form, upload the scanned image of the form along with a government ID proof such as your PAN card, Aadhaar card, or passport.
  • After uploading wait until you receive an acknowledgment e-mail and SMS. Now you are finally ready to begin changes to your policy.

What Are Some of the Facilities Enjoyed By LIC e-Services Registered Users?

Nearly all services that previously required visits to the branch are now possible through simply registering yourself on the LIC e-Services portal.

Important features that users will enjoy include:

  • There is no longer any need to open new accounts in case you want to purchase a new policy. Policy details are clearly given on the website and can be bought online. Your policy details will then be updated on your existing account.
  • The policyholder has absolute privacy with no need to share personal details with any person. All updates are made to the databases and even officials need not know details of your life because everything is conducted online.
  • For customers no longer living in India, or in the city where their branch is placed, this is a great opportunity. They will no longer have to pay local agents to handle their business. Nor will customers have to shift their bank branches every time they shift cities. LIC e-Services will allow maintenance of all necessary details online.
  • There is no extra charge for the LIC e-Services online portal. Policyholders can sign up without any extra charges, and avail all the services.