How to Obtain a Halal Certificate


The term halal means that a certain food item is allowed to be eaten as it is permitted within Islamic law. Foods that are considered halal foods have to be produced or processed through someone that has a halal certificate. For those interested in being a part of providing these foods, here’s how they can obtain a halal certificate.

A Governing Body Is Needed

In order to obtain a halal certificate, you must first be practicing in a way that qualifies you for halal certification. Meat or poultry that is raised and slaughtered for consumption must follow certain ethical standards according to Halalxpert. Livestock has to have been fed only vegetarian feed. It can’t contain any pork or even alcohol products. When the animal is killed, a Muslim must be the one that is doing the slaughtering. He will need to say a prayer that mentions Allah’s name, not use a machine to kill the animal and will need to slaughter them by slitting their throats. Once they have been killed, the blood will need to drain out of the animal completely by hanging them upside down. Some animals are not eligible to become a halal certified food, including birds of prey, pigs or carnivorous animals. If an animal meets all of the criteria to be considered a halal food, a governing body will be needed in order to grant them this certification. A fee will also need to be paid to the governing body. These fees may vary based on the agency that is providing the certificate as well as the location of the company or business that is seeking this certification. If a slaughtering facility is seeking a halal certificate, then it will need to be inspected to ensure that the necessary practices are being met and that the animals are in good health and not being treated inhumanely.

Exceptions to Halal

The word haram means forbidden. Those that are of the Muslim faith shouldn’t eat any haram foods. However, Islamic law does state that these foods can be eaten in instances where it’s a life or death situation and they need to be eaten in order for an individual to survive. For instance, if an individual was stuck in the wilderness and only had access to wild pig, they could eat it as it wouldn’t be considered an act of disobedience, but one of survival.

Why a Business Might Want To Obtain a Halal Certificate

There are several reasons why a business might want to obtain a halal certificate. If they are of the Muslim faith, they may already have halal practices in place when it comes to food preparation. Halal foods are also seen by some to be healthier so these individuals will only eat foods that are halal certified. For businesses that are concerned with how an animal is treated, they may want to obtain a halal certificate as they only produce and sell foods that follow halal guidelines since animals are treated humanely before, during and after the time that they are killed.