How To Get Selected As A State Farm Agent

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State Farm is an insurance company which has been in service for more than eighty years. Well known for its superb coverage and impressive rates, this insurance firm covers the whole spectrum of insurance needs. With a very interactive and simple to use website, this company is able to cater to all the requirements of its customers starting from wanting a free quote to finding a State Farm Scottsdale AZ insurance agent.

This insurance company is also very choosy about the agents it recruits. The selection process is lengthy and takes into account a lot of critically important things. A selected candidate also has to undergo a 17weeks training process before he starts functioning fully.

Criteria for selecting an insurance agent

A State Farm Scottsdale AZ insurance agent has to obtain his state licenses for property and casualty as well as life and health on his own. This is a pre-condition which a candidate has to fulfil to undergo the following selection process.

  • Answering a questionnaire: They have a tool which is able to access the candidates likelihood of success in careers related to both
    • Sales production as well as
    • Business leadership.

insurance agent

The questionnaire consists of questions regarding the candidates

  • Family and personal background,
  • Current situation with regards to his job placement,
  • Financial condition of the candidate concerned,
  • Familiarity with the field,
  • Aptitude for business leadership and
  • Work preferences including goals he has set and the causes of his motivation towards achievement of the same.
  • Assessment or evaluation: This is carried out to access if a candidate has the correct skills, knowledge, abilities and other characteristics which are critical for their success in this career.
  • Review: A background review is then conducted on the candidate to determine if he is eligible to become a State Farm insurance agent.
  • Understanding of the career: This is a web-based learning module consisting of videos, tutorials and coaching conversations.
  • Ability to present a proposal: This enables the candidate to create and present a mock business proposal.
  • Posting and onsite interview: After the completion of the above steps and obtaining the relevant state licenses, the agent is posted in any of the various vacancies across America. He has to finally sit for a field leadership interview. Only on the successful passing of this can the man start to undergo the process of internship or training.

It is mandatory to not only pass but also get a satisfactory marking at all individual stage in order to be eligible for the next stage of assessment. In fact, failing to perform well can lead to the candidate being debarred from appearing for this selection process for a whole year.