How to enhance your digital strategy for Halloween


Halloween is almost upon us, and for savvy online businesses, it represents a great opportunity to ramp up your digital marketing efforts and reap the associated benefits. Here are some spooky suggestions to follow.

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Halloween offer

Everyone likes a bargain or two, so Halloween is a good time to hand out a few treats. The choice is yours, but if you run an e-commerce website, you could include promotions such as a free gift, free shipping or a discount.

Give your site a makeover

Halloween is the perfect time to give your site a makeover, even if it’s just for the spooky season. There are lots of tips and tricks you could implement to get the Halloween effect across, and you don’t need to go overboard to create the right impression.

Smart Insights recommends working with your web designer to incorporate small features, such as cobwebs, a spooky font or a darker colour scheme, to put customers in a Halloween mindset.

Choose an experienced and professional web development company in London, to help. Redsnapper have been providing web development services for over 20 years, and can give your site a Halloween makeover, particularly with regards to using spooky fonts or colour schemes.

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A professional web developer will know how to create the desired effects, without making the text illegible. Bear in mind that if you do opt for using a spooky type of font, stick to headings or titles only, rather than using it for the full body of text.

Add value to your content

Create a Halloween theme when you generate new content at this time. Try to relate Halloween to the types of goods or services you offer, so that it still stays relevant. This might need some element of creativity, but if you think long and hard, there should be some way you can connect Halloween to your offering.

Invite your customers to post Halloween-related images or content on your social media sites, so that you can increase your user-generated content as this time of year. If you tie this in with a competition or contest, it is an even better way to create a buzz and attract wider audiences on this spooky occasion. You will also find that this can boost your SEO strategies and get your site ranked higher on search engines.