How to Boost Your SEO With Social Media in 2018


Social media has the power to influence your SEO efforts in various ways. It can assist you to get organic traffic to your site without spending a fortune. Consumers tend to trust brands with a vibrant social media presence. As a result of this, they will likely spend more time and take action on the brands’ websites. Perhaps you’ve been wondering about how you can use social media to improve your SEO tactics, check out the tips below.

·        Design a foolproof strategy

Endeavor to set the specific goals that you intend to achieve. This will help you to avoid making costly mistakes or wasting resources. Try as much as possible to implement best practices such as carrying out keyword research and adding relevant high-quality backlinks to content. Social media should be part of your overall SEO marketing strategy from the very beginning of your campaign or web development project. Don’t hesitate to discuss this with a reputable SEO Agentur Köln.

·        Optimize posts for search engines

It’s imperative to share useful content on your blog or website to social media. Anything apart from that could hurt your SEO efforts. Embedding social media share buttons will make it easier for online visitors to share your posts with others. Include the appropriate keywords and compelling images as you craft blog posts and social media posts. Short copy works best on social media platforms. Ensure that you optimize your profile, especially the company description section and bio for SEO too.

·        Boost brand awareness

Social media can be used as a viable tool for boosting online visibility. Many brands usually get potential customers and retain loyal customers on different platforms. Once people realize that you provide value consistently and remain trustworthy, most of them will choose you over your competitors. You may even decide to organize contests across channels such as Facebook or Instagram and offer practical gifts depending on your budget. Other ways to boost awareness with social media involves educating your audience about new products or exciting deals.

·        Connect with influencers in your niche

The fact is that influencers are already active on social media and have a large number of followers. If you’ve never worked with them before, start commenting, tagging and sharing their posts on social media. As time goes on, it’s possible that they will comment or share your posts too. This can help you to gain more exposure which ultimately leads to increased traffic.

Aside from that, you can request a short quote for a post that you’re working on, but you need to establish a relationship first. Some of them will be ready to offer their assistance. Once the post is live on your blog or social media profile, make it easy for them to share with their followers.

·        Measure your progress

It’s difficult to know whether your social media marketing strategy is working or not unless you track your progress. Leverage digital tools such as Google Analytics during the entire process. Taking this approach will let you know when it’s time to try another tactic if the current one isn’t producing satisfactory results.