How Technology is Changing Home Safety

Technology is Changing Home Safety

The incredible thing about technology is the rate at which it advances. Exponential growth in the technology sector means that we’ve seen the world dramatically changed and shaped by new advancements in the last 50 years. In the last 30, the speed of discoveries only became quicker, and now, we’ve all got our own tiny personal computers in our pockets. Yes, technology is bounding into the future so rapidly, it’s almost frightening, but you wouldn’t be scared if you saw the innovations technology has made in home security.

Home security remains one of our foremost concerns in day to day life. When you leave for work in the morning, you expect everything to be the same when you come home. When you go to sleep at night, you expect all your personal items and effects to be there when you wake up. Fortunately, the home safety market has evolved and innovated to protect your family and home from a whole world of dangers and inconveniences.

Take a look at some below:

Remote Home Monitoring

Everything you need to ensure your home is completely safe whilst you’re away. A variety of sensors, monitors and home security cameras keep an eye on your home and alert you via a smartphone app if something goes amiss. Window and door sensors are capable of detecting a break-in and internal cameras can monitor children or pets, which you can then view remotely.

Smart Doorbells

A smart doorbell houses a tiny camera that can send a clear HD live feed to your smartphone. The smart doorbell software can send you a notification directly to your phone every time you receive a visitor. This is especially useful if you buy a lot of products online, as you can monitor deliveries and ensure that no one steals your mail.

Remote Garage Door Opener

An old one, but a good one. Remote controlled garage doors have been around for decades now, but the technology is improving. Most burglaries occur whilst you are on holiday, and the primary method of entrance is via the garage. Modern software notifies you if the garage door is unexpectedly opened, or allows you to open the door if for example; your neighbour wants to borrow the lawnmower whilst you’re away.

Remote LED Home Lighting

Trick any criminals that may have eyes on your property with remote LED lighting. If you’re out late or on holiday, set your lights to come on for a few hours every evening to give criminals the impression that you’re at home, ever vigilant. This is also helpful for elderly relatives who may find it difficult to get up and change the light settings.

Access Code Home Lock

Traditional keys may someday be a thing of the past. Coded home locks mean that if you lose your keys, or someone becomes trapped inside without the ability to open the front door, someone can still access the property. If you’re away and your family and friends need to access your home for whatever reason, you can simply give them the code and then change it later.

Home Regulation System

Vaguely reminiscent of Hal from 2001: A Space Odyssey, modern home regulation systems are capable of controlling any aspect of the home environment. For example: turning off water, controlling temperature, shutting curtains or activating security cameras. You can also control home entertainment such as radio and TV, and set up alerts if the system detects any break-ins or accidents.

Automatic Security Gate

Previously a luxury only of the super-rich, automatic security gates were only found at the bottoms of movie star’s driveways. Fortunately for you and I, advances in technology have made security gates much more affordable. When combined with monitoring equipment such as security cameras, you take full control over who comes onto your property.

What’s Best For Me?

Most of these new technologies rely on smartphone software and security cameras. If you’re concerned about the safety of your home, start with the basics and then build on it. Begin with basic security cameras and break-in sensors that you can access from your smartphone, and then begin adding features.

You may want to look into complete home regulation systems that focus on home security, as well as security safes and laptop safes. Many packages are available that can be tailored to your needs.