How Level 770 Takes Care of Their Clients

Level 770

Level 770 is a leader in the field of online trading technologies and operations and full management services. They also offer many trading brands, that they provide to 177 successful call centers throughout the world. This organization also maintains strong professional relationships with key partners in the field of online trading. Level 770 also offers their teams full professional support to their partners, along with their one-of-a-kind experience and knowledge.

Level770 provides a great variety of professional services to serve their client’s financial and technological needs. Their tools and services to support their clients throughout every step of the process from starting their new business to the daily functions of keeping their business operational.

Level770 also walks their clients through every step of the business development process. They are never as this company gives their clients “hand-in-hand support” from the initial planning stages to the daily operations to everything in between.

With the use of their business models, they offer the financial services and technological tools to their clients:

-Full Escort and Supervision- They are there every step of the way to help their clients create a brand new call center The assistance that they provide for these clients includes individualized training and baseline measurement. Clients have their full attention and supervision during the process of them starting a new business.

-Trading Brands- They also give their client’s access to a great variety of training brands available for their call center to use. The brands that they use their partners’ needs and interests; they provide a platform that can change when necessary to meet each call centers different financial market and business development stage.

-Trading Platforms- Trading platform software makes it possible for investors to be in total control of their financial products. They provide the uses of trusted and well-rated trading platforms like MetaTrader 4 (MT4), MetaTrader 5 (MT5), Webtrader, and Mobile to be accessed whenever and wherever the client needs to. It does not matter if their clients are on the Web or are using mobile technology. Their platforms provide their partners’ clients with services that make it possible for their clients to trade all by themselves. Also, their clients can access online tutorials that teach them how to trade and with a center to enrich their education.

-CRM System- Customer relationship management (CRM) systems help call centers keep an eye on and organize information regarding past contact with clients. CRM systems, CRM systems have been proven to bring additional expansion in sales for businesses by assisting them to meet whatever needs their clients have. This company provides CRM integration using advanced technology, allowing to them to keep an eye on everything that is going on and trading.

-VOIP System- VOIP, or voice over internet technology, uses software to call people by using the internet instead of using traditional landline phones. VOIP uses sound information to communicate over a broadband Internet connection, WIFI, or cell phone data network (3G, 4G, etc.). This technology really helps call centers that have remote employees and employees that travel a lot because they can make calls from wherever they are as long as they have an Internet connection. They also provide their clients with modern ways to communicate like an auto dialer, that calls people without the help of a person and can initiate a recorded message or connection to a live person when the person they are calling answers their phone.

-Other Services- Level 770 also provides their clients with regulatory authorities to ensure that they are trading properly, business development services (from business development to maintenance), and sales skill training services for sales crew and managers. They also provide banking and clearing services, around the clock dealing services, marketing services, and risk management services.

Level770 takes care of their clients from the start of their business to the daily management of the business to start them off as a success and keep them a success.