How Identity Checks Can Help Your Organisation


2016 saw identity fraud reach its highest level, causing a considerable problem for businesses all over the U.K. Unfortunately, this increase is unlikely to slow down in the near future.

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In response to the issue, businesses can deploy identity checks, which are a significant part of the recruitment process. It offers employers a sense of security with regards to who they are recruiting. So let’s delve into what identity checks actually are and how they can help your business.

Identity Checks – What They Are

Employers can request identity checks for their candidates as part of the pre-employment vetting process. Its function is to determine whether or not a candidate is providing truthful information in relation to their identity. It entails verifying information provided by the candidate with that found on different secure databases, including the electoral roll, information held on credit reference agencies and the telephone database.

Identity checks will verify a candidate’s birth details (name and date of birth) and the details they acquire over time (credit history information and addresses), guaranteeing a more rigorous check.

Why Should Employers Conduct Identity Checks?

Identity checks do more than validate whether a candidate is supplying truthful information; they also act as a safeguard prior to conducting other recruitment screening checks, such as adverse credit checks.

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If employers run other checks prior to confirming the identity of a candidate, they could potentially use inaccurate details when applying for these checks, thus affecting their results. Employers can find out more information about the guidelines for identity checks on the government’s website by.

How to Request an Identity Check

Requesting an identity check and/or other pre-employment checks (such a CRB check) is a simple process and can be done by registering at You can customise the checks in accordance with the requirements of your business. Employers can check on the progress of the applications and will also receive an email when the process in complete as well as a PDF copy of the results to store on file.

It’s crucial to protect your businesses from identity fraud, especially in the current climate when it is steadily increasing. Identity checks give employers peace of mind by verifying who or who is not a suitable employee for their business.