Health and Safety Posts in the Construction sector- Get Hired


With infrastructural development taking centre stage like never before, it’s no small wonder that more and more job profiles are opening up in the health and safety sectors. In this case, the construction sector is particularly special. If you would like to get involved in the building of bridges, buildings and other structures, and take care of the health and safety of all other stakeholders, then such jobs are surely for you.

It’s a well-known fact that construction managers and workers need to perform their activities in an overall safe environment. Given this, there are many health and safety jobs in the construction sector that are attracting amateur and professional aspirants alike.  These jobs are of interest to those who are particularly interested in working in or around construction sites. These people are also concerned about keeping all people out of the way of any foreseeable harm.

In order to gain the post of an officer involved in the health and safety of people working on construction sites, aspirants have to fulfil certain conditions of eligibility. They have to possess certain laid down certifications and skills to get access to the interview rooms of companies hiring new candidates. Given below are essential tips for getting placed in one of such jobs.

  1. While high school education is a must for entry level jobs related to construction industry, the health and safety jobs would need substantial educational qualifications along with certain certifications defined by local authorities. Some of the excellent choices in majoring include construction management, engineering, occupational safety, environmental engineering, industrial engineering, etc.
  2. The OSHA-certification is also an important requirement, wherein it helps aspirants to be OSHA-certified in OSHA 500 even though they may boast of a degree under their belt. Additionally, some jobs may demand certifications for the popular 40-hour HAZWOPER course.
  3. Prevention is certainly better than cure in the job descriptions related to health and safety in the construction field. New job holders should not be surprised to find themselves in the midst of an accident prevention program soon after getting hired.

These and many more such helpful tips can come your way on the clients’ service page of Principal People. You may like to click on the URL  to get instant access to the job requirements that you have always aspired for. Once you have checked out the different posts on offer, you may want to apply for the role that you are sure of excelling in. As far as the salary and benefits are concerned, the offers would vary as per the company, its niche, range of activities, years of operations, turnover, etc.