Head on Collision: Why You Need Auto Insurance for Your Car


Let’s all face it; as soon as you get behind wheels, then insurance becomes a primary part of you and your car’s life. It is one thing about auto ownership that you can’t overlook or you risk suffering in case you get caught in the many unfortunate scenarios that come with driving. And to break it all down for you; here are five reasons you will need to seek car insurance.

To get compensation for accidents caused by another party’s carelessness

Securing insurance for your car may seem like a nuisance. But wait until your vehicle gets caught up in a car crash caused by another party’s negligence.

In that case, you’ll need compensation, both for your injuries and your damaged vehicle. Having car insurance will enable the offending party with no alternative financial resources to pay you back.

Picture if car insurance wasn’t mandatory by law. You’d probably have to file a claim against the accused. This would not only cost you thousands in legal fees, but there’s also no guarantee of getting your compensation even if you win the case.

A court can only issue the judgment in your favor. Its job is not to enforce collection of whatever amount is settled on. So, we would be waiting years to get compensated if auto insurance wasn’t compulsory. In contrast, car insurance from providers like www.belairdirect.com/en/car-insurance.html , will ensure you’ll get paid in just a few weeks.

So, you can pay back a victim for an accident you cause

Let’s say you lose control and cause an accident. If you lack insurance, then you may have a case to answer.  But with good auto car insurance, you can get back on your feet even if you are responsible for the accident.

Even though your premium may go up slightly immediately after causing an accident, you can be sure to drive off with the peace of mind that your insurer will cover the costs of the accident.

To have your car fixed after an accident (regardless of who causes it)

Fixing a car is expensive. Those who’ve owned cars can relate. A single simple-looking repair can cost you thousands of dollars, and in the worst cases, the vehicle may not be drivable.

Driving around without car insurance means you are ready to make out-of-pocket payment to cover repairs in the event of an accident. But with car insurance, your car will be fixed or replaced quickly.

To safeguard your assets

Car insurance will protect your hard-earned assets. This is because if you cause an accident and you’re insured, the other party should go after your insurer to get the compensation they want.

Who wants to throw away their last quarter of a million dollars fixing messes that an auto insurance company can cover on their behalf?

It is a requirement of the law

This is the most obvious reason why most car owners go for insurance— to stay in line with the authorities. Little do most realize that it is for all the above reasons that the government mandates auto insurance coverage— the law intends to cover the risks of those who own and drive vehicles.