Great Insurance Tips For Protecting Filipino Travellers


Travel insurance is the most important things that individual need during trip. As an individual don’t have a car without car insurance, a home without home insurance, similarly can’t have a trip without travel insurance.Therefore, the filipinos travellers must have insurance as they love to get the cheapest deals. Following are the reason for having the life insurance.

  • Economic value: As we grow older and start doing work, we become aware of the importance of income in life. We know that most men work because they have to earn an money for their families. Money is an necessary element in satisfying our basic needs such as food, shelter, clothing, education, and medical care. A death of an individual is considered premature when a he dies before he could fully actualize his earning power. This is the time when an individual considered to be economically productive due to a mental and bodily vigor.
  • Family Protection: Filipino travellers must have insurance as it solves the problems that would arise out at early death of the person by providing a definite sum of money to replace his lost income for the advantage of his family. The family is then protected from the financial crisis immediately following the breadwinner’s premature death.
  • Savings: Through the help of insurance, one is able to regularly set separately an amount for the premium which collected through the years to build up a fund guaranteed to be completed whether the assured lives or dies. It gives a secure and profitable method of collecting funds for illness, injuries or emergencies.
  • Keyman Insurance: Its purpose is to under write a business firm from the loss of earnings brought about by the disability or death of a key officer, or employee. Life insurance stabilizes the financial condition of a firm over the period essential to secure the services of a person to take the place of a key person. By ensuring that the business has a financial cushion in the event of disability or death of key persons, the credit of the business is enhanced.
  • Whole life safety: In contrast with term insurance, whole life will pay the face value whenever death arise. It gives the most indefinite coverage over the insured’s entire lifetime for the least amount of premium.
  • .Ordinary insurance:
  1. Premiums are to be paid for life
  2. Most flexible type of insurance, can comfortably be adapted to changes in the insured’s financial condition or family responsibilities.
  3. Offers the most permanent safety.
  • Term insurance: This insurance is planned for the useage in situations where a person needs maximum security at the lowest premium outlay, particularly where the need is temporary. Term can correctly be used to cover permanent requirements, but only if the insured understood that it is to be done on a temporary basis.
  1. To cover debts, loans, mortgages that will be paid up within a limited period of time.
  2. To provide security for dependents of a young husband or wife who can’t afford the mandatory amount of whole life insurance

At last the filipino travellers must have insurance for their own safety and protection because it’s advantages are enjoyed by themselves and their families. So stay happy and secured.