Graduated? Now What! Domenic Dicato’s Path In A Corporate World


Today I sat down with Domenic Dicato a business professional that has worked in different areas of finance to discuss his career journey and his tips on finding the perfect internship which will help lead into a great career. Domenic graduated from Regis College in 2014  with a degree in business Administration and a minor in economics and a concentration in accounting. Domenic since graduating college has been hard at work for State Street bank as a fund accountant and loves his role! Today he told me his story which I have written for you below in interview format so you can hear his tips on interviewing for a job, finding an internship, and how life has been since graduating college.

Domenic why did you choose business Administration and do you feel as if the degree prepared you for the real world?

            “I choose business administration because I knew the degree would open a lot of doors for me and I would be able to work in various positions within a company. The degree supplied a great general foundation for accounting, marketing, management and I wanted to have a solid base of knowledge heading into the job market. A tip I would give anyone heading into an entry level job is that your employer doesn’t expect you to know and every industry is so different that their will always be a learning curve. A degree in business administration is a great catalyst in helping someone find that area in business they enjoy do to its versatility and solid roots in finance, marketing and management

What was your first internship and what tips would you give to anyone currently looking for an internship?

“I wanted to start gaining real world work experience so that when I headed into the job market after graduating college i would be more suited for a role within a company. I landed an internship at MSA Mortgage in Winthrop Mass within the funding department my junior year of college. I was very excited to start my internship and learn about my role which included wiring funds, monitoring our line of credit to fund loans, and watching loans be sold onto the secondary market and preparing all the documentation. This internship was an amazing experience while my degree was helpful I still had a lot to learn about the mortgaging industry as will anyone entering any niche business! I highly recommend applying to internships as soon as you can while in college because while school is great it can’t possibly replicate working in an office performing various duties. I would recommend to even start applying sophomore year of college and working multiple internships which will help you find which industry you want to work in while giving you various experiences to help sharpen your skill set.”

What tips do you having for those interviewing for internships or jobs?

“First I want to say that like anything else in life the more you interview the easier it becomes! It’s ok to go into and interview and be nervous and understand that after your first couple interviews the butterflies in your stomach will go away and you will realize their is nothing to worry about. I would recommend searching the company’s history and the job or internship you are applying for. Not only is the employer interviewing you but YOU are interviewing this potential employer so see if they are the perfect fit for you. You really want to have an idea of how this internship or job is going to help you grow as individual and how you can provide value to the position you are applying for”