Good Customer Services Means Reliable Transaction Processing


While customer service is often looked at as the relations between customers and employees in the midst of a transaction – namely, the human relations thereof – the best theorizations of customer service ought to account for the rapport that is necessarily upheld between customer and technology. If a payment cannot go through because of a faulty point of sale system, then there can be no “good” customer service, insofar as there is no customer present – while the niceties exchanged between customers and workers are necessary, to an extent, the service is, by default, rendered bad because of a technological hiccup. With this in mind, here are a few things you can do – as the owner of a business or overseer of staff – to improve your transaction processing and ensure the reliability of all your payments!

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Make Sure You Have The Perfect, Functional, And Elegant Software 

Sale processing software differs from POS system to POS system, but sometimes the interface, speed, and general interactivity of the system can be shoddy, if not prone to malfunctioning; that’s why it’s important to have the latest software. Indeed, certain programs may be too slow or require too many steps to ring in a sale – for instance, an ID may be required of an employee just to start a new transaction, which is unacceptable in a fast-paced environment. Other times, a system has the potential to be slow or disconnect from other servers. Not only do these elements inhibit sales, they can outright prevent them from happening at all. In short, make sure to work out all of the possible kinks and make the interface as comfortable and stress-free as possible.

A Cleaner Card Could Change The Nature Of Your Business 

Oftentimes, a transaction will be halted because of either a dirtied point of sale terminal or a filth-ridden card offered by a customer; this can make for not only an awkward experience, but one that could easily deter customers from coming back. If the card is not swiping easily, it can put customers into the anxious state of mind that they suddenly have insufficient funds, which could quickly make them reconsider the sale. This is where cleaner cards come in handy; not only is using one a good method for sanitation of the point of sale system, it will likely speed things up a great deal and help you hold onto customers.

In short, If you are the one responsible for implementing a particular point of sale system, it’s important to keep in mind that its primary function is the closing of sales – not sleekness or affordability. Being stingy when purchasing the POS could be incredibly costly. Additionally, it’s best to keep it simple. While the added benefits of inventory and other managerial features are nice to have, they can often overcomplicate and overload a POS, preventing a sale from being made in the future.