Gold and Silver: A Beginner’s Guide to Investing


For thousands of years, precious metals like gold and silver have been bought and sold as valuable commodities. Investing can deliver massive rewards in the short-term, provided you play the market right. On the other hand, it’s also a smart financial fallback for the future. Who knows what lies around the corner? With gold and silver (AKA the investor’s dynamic duo) in your pocket, you’ve nothing to fear. While each varies in rarity, they both represent strong financial opportunities for investors like you. Discover everything you ever wanted to know about these two popular precious metals.

Gold: For Investors with a Midas Touch 

Gold, gold, gold. Everybody wants it, and with good reason, too. Gold is extremely durable, meaning it won’t rust or corrode, which makes it an excellent long-term investment. It’s also highly malleable and has a variety of applications. Gold jewelry is the most obvious. But did you know manufacturers use gold in everything from cell phones to medicines? In cell phones alone, gold makes soldered joints, switch and relay contacts, and connection strips. With around one billion cell phones produced each year, each contains an average of fifty cents of gold.

We recommend having a little gold stashed away somewhere. That way, whatever the future throws at you, you’ll have something to fall back on. With gold, you can turn your investment into cash with little effort. Inflation often leads to surging gold value, meaning substantial financial gains. Gold bullion is always a great choice. Don’t look for it in rivers and don’t wait around for it to go cheap either, as you’ll be left hanging. Our advice? Buy when forecasts predict surging value. Then you can swoop in before prices hit the roof.

No Shame in Silver

You can trade or hoard silver just like gold, but beware of external factors that influence pricing. Industrial supply and demand exert a significant sway over silver, due to its uses in various tech products. Did you know silver-based tech applications range from use in batteries to micro-circuits and superconductors? Just like gold, there’s more to silver than jewelry. In fact, it supported the photography industry back when cameras still used silver-based film. Moreover, its healing properties have made it a common ingredient in modern medicine, often used for catheters, in bandages, and in venal solutions.

The silver market, however, plays by its own rules. Just like gold, the investment opportunities red hot. The price of silver tends to fluctuate between two poles. In one corner, we have its perceived value as a cumulative investment. In the other, we have its tangible value as an industrial metal. The way silver swings to-and-fro makes the silver market a tougher stallion to break. But don’t be put off. Silver bullion is a wise investment opportunity with few drawbacks. Especially in times when gold is out of reach. Take advantage of its unique market demand to make yourself a handsome profit.

Leave it to Us

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