Going Global? Enlist PEO Payroll Services So You Can Focus on Other Things


When you first started out, you handled everything. You were the boss, the human resources manager, the payroll manager, etc. You’ve grown your company through a lot of hard work and dedication, and now it’s time to reap the rewards and expand overseas. You can’t be there to run your business, but you can hire a professional employment organization to be there on your behalf. With PEO payroll services, your overseas staff is paid on time and within each country’s regulations.

You Won’t Lose Control of Your Company

If the thought of someone else standing in your place makes you uncomfortable, do not panic. You do not lose control of your company when you enter into a PEO arrangement. Your business stays your business, and all employees hired overseas are your employees. The only contractual agreement entered into is between you and one of the best PEO companies. Your employees never contract with the PEO service. You retain complete control, including managing your overseas day-to-day operations.

This Isn’t a Temporary Staffing Arrangement Either

Some people get temporary personnel confused with a PEO arrangement, but the two are quite different. A temporary employment service arranges to fill short-term positions with temporary staff. This works well if you need seasonal employees, but not if you need permanent employees. Your PEO payroll services will help you process the payroll and benefits for your permanent and future employees overseas. They are your payroll manager for your employees abroad.

Of course, you can use their services for your domestic personnel, as well. If you need to outsource your entire payroll function, you can do so with a PEO service. The benefit of having this operational need all in one place is it streamlines your payroll processing. You will know at the end of the day where you stand within your payroll and benefits budget, but you won’t need to worry about the actual payroll process. The PEO company will take care of it for you for all of your offices.

Can Any Business Use This Service?

Yes, but the businesses that benefit best are smaller entities that need to focus on other things. Outsourcing this function not only saves you money on payroll staff, it also allows you to work on growing your business. You may have done everything yourself at first, but now it’s time to be the CEO and worry about expansion and shareholders. In addition, the larger you grow, the more payroll personnel you will need and this costs you their salaries, benefits, employment taxes and so on.

Additional Benefits

Your staff will look to your PEO as a human resources department, even though you’re still the boss. The service will have representatives in each location who are experts in employee benefits and risk management. They will be there for your overseas employees, and they will speak the language and understand the culture. Nothing is more comforting to an employee than somebody he or she can relate to, and this service provides that.

If you are looking to expand or already have expanded, PEO payroll services can help streamline the payroll and benefits process for your entire company. Outsource this crucial function and get the administrative and legal support you need no matter where the employee is.