Four Ways to Get Money in a Hurry Regardless of Your Credit History

B0FR95 Man removes cash from wallet

When an emergency occurs and it costs a lot of money to remedy the situation, it can be hard to know what to do if you do not have the money readily available. Many people do not have large sums of money saved up in a saving account because they are barely able to make ends meet on a month to month basis. If you have found yourself in a state of financial distress because you need more money than you currently have for an emergency situation, use the guide below to learn about four options that are available to you to ensure you get the money you need when you need it.

Visit a Pawn Shop

Pawn shops are often a great option when it comes to getting money in a hurry. You can take jewelry, electronics, hunting equipment, and even musical instruments to the pawn shop to pawn for the money you need. You will have a specific amount of time to pay off the pawn and get your belongings back.

If you are not able to pay off the pawn, you will not be able to get your items back. When the loan pawn is not repaid the pawn dealer will be able to sell the items in the shop in an effort to get back the money that they loaned to you.

Get an Installment Loan

An installment loan is another great way to get money when you need it. An installment loan is a loan that you can get for a large or a small sum of money. The loan can be repaid over a set amount of time through small payments on a regular basis.

When you get installment loans you will have to pay interest on the money that you borrow. The interest can vary based on many different factors including how often you get the loans and how much money you are borrowing. Installment loans are a better option for loans that are a few thousand dollars in value because you do not have to wait for days for approval of the loan like you would if you went to a bank. You will be able to know within a few hours if you are approved for the loan or not.

Payroll Advances

If you need a small to moderate amount of money to pay off the debt that you have right away, consider getting a payroll advance. A payroll advance is a loan that is available based on how much money you make on a monthly basis.

In order to get a payroll advance, you need to have a job and be able to prove it and be at least 18 years old. You can use payroll stubs to prove that you are employed. The payroll advance will need to be repaid by a specific date or you could be subject to fines and penalties for being late. You can be approved for the loan within minutes and have the money in your account right away.

Consider Working a Side Job

There are many jobs that will allow you to earn the money you need within a few days depending on what job you choose to do. You could start driving for a ridesharing company to make the money you need. In order to do this job, you need to have a good driving record, a reliable car, and the time to work many hours of end. You will not have to apply for a loan and will be able to get the money you need quickly and easily.

The great thing about all of these options is that your credit score does not impact your ability to get the money you need. If you were to apply for a loan at a bank and did not have a great credit score, you would automatically be denied for the loan you need.