Finding Your Way around the Wilkes-Barre Business Community


Before the internet, if you wanted to locate a business in Wilkes Barre, you looked it up in the Yellow Pages, a fat, yellow directory that contained business listings and advertisements. Other uses for the Yellow Pages included pressing flowers, wedging doors, and boosting toddlers at the dinner table. With an online wilkes barre business directory at our disposal, Yellow Pages are getting smaller and smaller, if they are being printed at all. Now would be a good time to invest in shares for companies that make booster seats and door stops.

Wilkes Barre Online Business Directories is maintained by the Greater Wilkes-Barre Chamber of Commerce. On the front page is a links organized alphabetically by business category: Advertising & Media, Automotive & Marine, Business & Professional Services, Public Utilities & Environment, Religious Organizations, Shopping, Health Care, Lodging, and the ever-useful ‘Other’ are just a few examples. When the temptation to click on ‘Other’ proves too great, you will be rewarded with links to pest control and rent-a-john companies. is like a CraigsList of city directories and business listings for the Wyoming Valley area. Both hyphenated and unhyphenated versions of Wilkes Barre are included in the list of city directories. According to, The Academy of Chess is a city in its own right.

Wilkes Barry (unhyphenated), takes you to a lone link to a category called, ‘Music Therapy.’ Here, you will find one entry for Stick-It-to-Autism, a program that teaches youngsters with the condition to play the drums. The organization also helps affected children in other ways.

The Wilkes-Barre page (hyphenated version) is a little bit more what you’re expecting in a wilkes barre business directory, although the individual entries are listed directly beneath the category headings. This means you have to conduct a serial search through all of the categories, and you still may not find what you are looking for because the directory is not as comprehensive as the one run by the Chamber of Commerce. has a section for the Wilkes Barre Yellow Pages. The front page is very useful. At the top is the local time, along with its relationship to Greenwich Mean Time. Wilkes-Barre is 5 hours behind GMT. Beneath the time is the local area code and a link to Wilkes Barre White Pages. The ‘menu’ for the W-B home page on Whitepages has five categories:

  • Popular Yellow Page – This section lists popular seach categories. Among them are physicians & surgeons, auto parts and repair, pizza, doctors, dentists, hospitals, attorneys & lawyers, and beauty salons.
  • Popular Wilkes Barre Businesses – You can tell a lot about a locality by the businesses its citizens considers important. Two out of the eleven businesses liste are eateries; one is a fast food emporium and the other is a popular sit-down restaurant chain.
  • Cities Near Wilkes Barre – Self-explanatory, but will give you and your friends hours of entertainment arguing over which other cities should have been included.
  • Top Government Searches for Wilkes Barre – DMV, post offices, public transit, and schools.
  • Wilkes Barre Zip Codes – This is just a listing. The zip codes are not clickable.