Finding the right wheelchair accessible hotels for holiday travel


With time everything is changing. More and more hotels are coming up with wheel chair accessibility. However, it is not easy to find the right wheelchair accessible hotels for holiday travel. Since there are too many hotels with such benefits, you need to make sure that the hotel you are booking does offer all the requirements for a disable person to stay comfortably.

This is why, before booking, you need to checkout the trip planning guide which the experts have offered. Your travel agent can help in this, no doubt about that. However, it is essential that you learn the requirements as well. This way you will not be deceived by anyone.

Explore Options

Since there are too many hotels with wheel chair accessibility nowadays, you need to find the right one. This task you can perform by doing extensive research. Explore and find out the details of at least five hotels in the area which you are going to visit.

Once, you have shorted listed the details, your real work begins. It is important to remember that someone with physical disability has more need than a wheelchair. You need to make sure that these needs are fulfilled when you are booking a hotel.

This is why, it is advised that you go through the website of the hotel to find out what they are offering. Look at the amenities that are being offered. Also, look for the care which the hotel is offering to the disabled people.

Make the Calls

It is important that you call up the hotels to inquire. Yes, you need to inquire whether they are well equipped to entertain a disable person. Does they offer special services to the disables? This you need to know before stepping inside the hotel. Every hotel has some special offer for the disable persons. Your selected hotel too needs to provide something extra for the disable people.

Where the rooms for the disable person located? This is important as the rooms for the disable person needs to be on ground floor. This is because, in case of any emergency, the disable person can be wheeled out without trouble. Inquire about this before you transfer the booking amount.

Will you be able to move the furniture to make the room adequately comfortable for the disable persons? Ask this as the rooms might need some changes to accommodate your companion.

Height of the bed is another important fact which you need to inquire about. Ask how tall the beds are. If the height of the bed is higher than the wheelchair’s height, your companion might face problem in getting into the bed. Make sure to get this information.

When you are booking wheelchair accessible hotels for holiday travel, you need to look for a hotel which offers right parking place for the disable people. Once you have gotten the information, you are looking for, make sure to have a look at the testimonial page of the website. What others are saying about the hotel is important.