Financial Services in Malta


Financial services in Malta are a broad subject and one that requires careful attention and time. If you are someone who has recently moved to Malta or someone who is planning to shift there soon, there are certain tips for investing in Malta that you should remember. These are:

Property Investment

Property investment makes for a great choice of investment in Malta. The scope of property in Malta is big and the returns are big too. Property investment is considered to be a safe choice in the country because it is not volatile but rather a very stable choice of investment.

There are two types of things that you can choose to remember when it comes to property investment in Malta. These are:

  • You can both buy a home and then choose to sell it when the market upgrades
  • You can either buy property in Malta or give it out for rent.

Both choices present incredible returns. Moreover, Malta gives you the choice of either investing in commercial properties or domestic ones. Again, the choice is ultimately and finally yours.

Manufacturing and Services Sectors

Two of the most important types of sectors in Malta that are booming are the manufacturing and services sectors. The manufacturing sector is on the rise and great for investment as they provide higher returns. On the other hand, you cannot fail to invest in the services sector in Malta because services never go out of fashion and should be a key choice of investment for possible and potential investors.


Biotechnology is another top choice amongst investors in Malta. Biotechnology has always been on the rise and for obvious reasons. It is a booming industry that has attracted a lot of foreign investors and will continue to in the years to come. Therefore, go for investing in biotechnology if you want something reliable and measurable.


The electronics sector is booming in Malta and for obvious reasons. Go for investing in electronics if you want something reliable, something sizeable and something that guarantees a return on your investment. Aside from electronics, the automotive and pharmaceutical sectors also make for a great choice in Malta. Both again guarantee higher returns on your investment and are reliable investments altogether. The pharmaceutical sector is booming and doesn’t fail to guarantee returns on your investment whereas the same is true for the healthcare sector.

There are certain companies that provide reliable financial services in Malta. These are, Finance Malta, a public and private initiative set up to promote Malta as a financial center and hub, Chetcuti Cauchi Malta, a leading European financial centre that combines high regulatory standards and a rigorous enforcement/business savvy attitude and Malta financial services authority, a single regulator for financial services in Malta.

When it comes to investing in Malta, there are certain important tips that you should remember. These have been identified above. Moreover, as far as the financial services in Malta are concerned, then the three identified above are the leading names in the industry and should be restored to if you want a reliable name in the industry.