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Founded in 2008, EZTrader is an established online binary options broker in Europe. It is a trusted investment firm that has pioneered the use of online trading.

Winner of the IAIR Best Binary Option Broker Trading Applications Awards in 2015 and 2016, EzTrader Blog is the official online blog for the trading platform, EzTrader. It tells you what you need to know as an investor; you can trade wisely on 120 globally traded products (including in markets for currency, stock index, commodities and stock). It gives you the chance to learn from experts, so you too can learn how to make the right trading decisions. As a reader of the blog, there is no obligation to use the EzTrader trading platform. To find out more, visit the EzTrader FAQ page.

The EzTrader Blog is the website to trust and rely on:
• Daily updates on the global financial markets;
• Top tips for Stocks, Currencies, Commodities and Indices;
• Weekly summaries;
• A host of up-to-date and reliable financial information;
• Useful tools, such as a Weekly Market Forecast and Calculator.

There is a high level of risk involved in trading binary options, so only speculate the amount of capital that you can afford to lose. You should seek advice from a qualified, independent financial advisor, so you are aware of all of the associated risks. EzTrader Blog does not accept responsibility for any loss or damage.

In this section of the blog, a scrolling bar shows the latest market prices for leading companies. There is information about events and stock movements, including press releases and news reports on the latest news in the stock market.

With real time graphs and charts showing the latest trading prices and exchange rates in the currency markets around the world, the Currencies section of the Blog includes all of the key information you need to know, but in relevant and bite-size chunks.

Here you will find the latest news from around the world and the latest trading prices, including natural gas, gold, oil, silver and wheat.

In this section of the Blog, you’ll find all of the news and trading prices for the share indices, from around the world. There are also informative reports on the share index.

Useful Tools
There are two really useful tools for traders on the EzTrader blog: the Weekly Market Forecast and the Economic Calendar.

The useful Weekly Market Forecast is an impressive tool. Collating information from a wide range of sources, it forecasts the international and national events that are set to impact on the financial market in the upcoming week.

The Economic Calendar lists all of the major financial events (e.g. press conferences, unemployment figures, budget statements) for each country over the forthcoming seven days, and enables you to view day-by-day the forecast, currency and impact of the event.

So now you know about EzTrader and its Blog. To find out more, visit the EzTrader FAQ.