Expecting More From Your Business? How a Virtual Office Space Can Revolutionize Your Productivity


Technology has been reinventing the wheel as long as humans have been creating and perhaps most notably the online world has changed the way we do business forever. In recent years there has been an emergence of more and more creative uses of virtual space. Now people are working in what has become known as virtual offices. Virtual offices are exactly what they sound like, they are spaces that are online that serve the same purpose as a physical office. All of the people that are part of your company can log on from anywhere with internet access and work and communicate with one another in this private virtual space. Here are just some of the ways that a Servcorp Virtual Office can improve productivity.

  1. Time Saved is Time Earned

When you primarily work from a virtual office you can connect from any location you may find yourself in. This means there is no need for a commute, no chance of being caught in traffic and more time in the day for yourself. Whether or not you use the time saved to work slightly longer hours or if you  use the time personally productivity will be increased. The reason that happens even if you use the time for personal pursuits is because people that are well rested or don’t have to commute long distances tend to have better mental health.

  1.  More Flexibility

We have all heard the terms ‘night owl’ and ‘morning person’, these terms refer of course to that fact that different people function best at different times in the day. Traditional offices are usually only open during ‘regular’ work hours; 9-5 on Monday to Friday, there is less of a need for this when there are no closing hours. When people have the choice to work when they are most alert and efficient the quality of work and their productivity will be increased. Flexibility also means that it is easier for people to maintain healthy lifestyles as they can exercise and rest when needed, also it is more likely that people will prepare more of their meals when they work from home.

  1. Longer Worker Retention and Fewer Sick Days

As the conditions for someone working from home are generally better than those that commute daily, workers are less inclined to seek other job options and that means that you will have to spend less time annually waiting for new employees to get up to speed. This means that the overall output of work is higher and the quality of that work will remain consistent. For the same reason people are less likely to need sick days because when their illness is mild they will still be able to work at home and when they do become more severely ill, the illness is less likely to recur due to returning to work to early.

  1. Wider Choice of Employees

Finally, because there is not really any geographical barriers for who you can and cannot employ there is much more of a choice for candidates. What this means is that are more likely to find your ideal workers that have the most experience and relevant qualifications. This will also mean that the productivity of your company will be very high.

Virtual office space has a lot of benefits when it comes to productivity maximisation but there are many other advantages as well. This kind of workplace can also save you money and can have a positive effect on greenhouse gas reduction. We hope this list has given you some useful food for thought and we wish you luck with your business endeavours!