Examining the Value of Business Intelligence Services


When you think of public relations in Washington DC, the first place your mind might go is brand representation, management of online presence or crisis response and recovery. While these are definitely important services that public affairs consultants offer, there are many different facets to public relations and all it entails. For instance, you might not know that those in public relations are akin to business intelligence officials. They are well-versed in many online channels, schemes, fraudulent activities and underhanded advertising tactics and know how to keep your business from falling victim to something disastrous to operations and reputation.

Adversary Identification

Now that online marketing has become the primary means of advertising for many businesses, it’s important that you’re aware of the many ways your company can be duped online. PR agencies in DC make it their job to investigate the authenticity of online interactions, identify competitors and deduce hidden agendas. While not everyone is out to scam you, it’s worth investigating potential hazards as your business and finances are large liabilities to gamble. Working with a public relations professional places the business in the hands of an expert who is specifically trained to identify attackers, assess resources at their disposal and plan potential responses should they make a move towards your business.

Investigative Reporting

While you may think it’s more of a human resources department’s responsibility to manage mergers or acquisitions, many businesses often rely on DC public relations firms to be in charge of these important moves. Doing due diligence is important, and human resources is limited in the information it can acquire. Similarly, you’re far too busy managing the company to spend the time digging into every potential snag. Public relations specialists are able to seek out hidden liabilities, measure them against current political and economic climates and present to you a comprehensive outline of all the benefits and risks to your company should the deal go through. This is information that is important for you to know so you can make a decision with confidence.

 Corporate Espionage Management

The last thing any business owner wants to consider is insider threat. The thought that one of your employees might disclose trade secrets or confidential information is one that you don’t want to ever entertain. Those who work in public relations in Washington DC understand this, but nevertheless, they know how to handle these kinds of situations. This is especially essential if you routinely do business overseas or with countries that may experience upheaval or political repercussions should a larger situation arise. PR agencies in DC are specially equipped to identify threats quickly and take all necessary action to protect you, your company, your assets and your customers.

Be Smart With Your Business

There are many inherent risks that you have to face when you own a business, whether they involve public perception, fraud or crisis response. Trying to understand and respond appropriately to these scenarios can be overwhelming or impossible on your own. That’s why it’s imperative that you invest in public relations in Washington DC so your business has an extra measure of protection against potentially damaging situations.