Does Capital One Offer the Best Credit Card?


Plastic money refers to any hard plastic card that we use in place of actual bank notes. It is however a generic term used to refer to the different types of credit cards, bank cards, debit cards, cash cards, store cards etc.

However in terms of popularity, credit cards are the most popular and widely used primarily because

  • Of cashless payment but within a set limit
  • Of getting credit for the purchases made.
  • Of flexibility in payments.

Credit cards offered by Capital Online

Capital Online is the 8th largest bank holding company of America operating out of Virginia and also catering to the United Kingdom and Canada. They are pioneers in this field. As is evident from calls made to the Capital One customer service number they offer a number of credit cards solutions catering to a wide variety of customers.

Credit cards issued by them are generally divided into four types. They are

  • Popular credit cards which include the
    • Venture Rewards Card,
    • Quicksilver Rewards Card,
    • VentureOne Rewards Card and
    • QuicksilverOne Rewards Card.
  • Secured credit cards like the Secured MasterCard
  • Students credit card like the Journey Student Rewards card and
  • Business cards which include the
    • Spark Cash Card,
    • Spark cash Select Card,
    • Spark Miles Card,
    • Spark Miles Select Card and
    • Spark Classic Card.

Capital One Credit Card holder benefits

Capital one offers a number of benefits for its customers thereby making them an asset to have especially in times of emergencies. Some of the important benefits offered are

  • Ability to manage cards online

This ability to manage your credit cards account online translates basically into three advantages.

    • The customer gets to manage his cards on a secured site thereby giving him peace of mind.
    • He is able to save valuable time and money by being able to pay credit card bills online.
    • He is able to view all his current financial transactions online any time he wants to.
    • He is able to view, download and print his card statements, when and if required.
  • Application available on Mobile

These applications are available online and compatible with all operating systems found in tablets and Smartphones. They can, thus, be downloaded with ease to facilitate faster and easier operations online.

  • Customer service

The help of customer service can be availed anytime it is required by just dialling the Capital One customer service number. This is a 24 by 7 seven service which enables Capital One to offer personalised service to its customers.

  • Receive account alerts

The option to set up account alerts enables the customer to stay in sync with all that is happening to his credit card. From alerts relating to transactions, use of limits and available credit limits, payment and bill generation alerts etc., customers are kept updated about the status of their credit cards.

All these and many more benefits like getting reward points, building up a good credit history etc., ensure that Capital One credit cards are one of the best available cards in that sector today. In fact these cards cater to the whole gamut of needs thereby making them very popular with the masses.