Divorce: How Times Have Changed


As family lawyers we tend to read news articles and op-ed pieces on divorce and family law.  There was a recent article on the history of divorce in Texas called: Backroads: County churches frowned on divorce.  It detailed the history of divorce in Texas and how it made news when someone went through a divorce.  Papers would actually cover the events and shame the women who “left” their husbands.  Times have certainly changed for the better.  Today, women are not treated like they have a scarlet “A” on their chest if they have been divorced.  Divorce is seen as a rather sad event, and given a level of respect and privacy.

No one wants to go through a divorce.  No one gets married believing they will ever be divorced.  Most marriages that end in divorce are whittled down by financial hardships, lack of time, stress and other events that slowly disintegrate the ties that were once so significant.  This isn’t, as I’ve said in the past, no one exits a marriage happy or cheering.  It’s not a blithe or joyous event.  It is usually somber, and fraught with bittersweet moments where there is doubt and regret.

There is no happy divorce, just less terrible ones.  Usually people do feel happier that it is over, but they’re not happy they had to go through one.  Being able to de-stigmatize these events helps people, and that is something we are glad to do.  We want people to have a fresh start and to build a happy life for themselves and any children involved.  That is why we do what we do—to reduce the anxiety, pain, and hardship people who are going through a divorce face each day.