Crypton – Stay Updated to the Prices of Cryptocurrency


First of all the question is that, what is Cryptocurrency? So the answer is that it is a method of transferring money among two individuals without any interference of the third party like the banks. These transactions are mostly done in the form of bitcoins. Which means that these transactions are impossible to trace. This is a high level of non-traceable transactions. Mostly these transactions are used for the illegal and criminal activities. Still it does not means that these type of transactions are only used for criminal purposes, but actually, this method of transaction is really safe for Bitcoin Investment. So there are many people who prefer to use it.


Due to a bad history of Cryptocurrency if there is any illegal activity is found then blame goes directly on the users of bitcoin. In recent past years a really high-class black market which was named as Silk Road has been shut down and the for sure the media put the focus on the bitcoin users. Many business tycoons use cryptocurrency to transfer their funds, as they find it more secure than transferring via banks. Bitcoin is the very first currency of Crypto Currency in 2009 and after that more and more number of other currencies were developed.

Is it Useful?

Next question is that how this technology is useful for us because a lot of criminal activities due to bitcoins have put its image and value to a very low state. As far as this technology is useful, the more it is dangerous as well. If you are a user of cryptocurrency then in the case of any mishap, you will be the first one to be doubted.

IF you still want to use cryptocurrency then it is really necessary for you to stay updated with the changing prices of this currency. So one such app is available on the, this application will keep you updated on all cryptocurrencies. This app is similar to the stock market where you can check the prices of bitcoins and other such currencies. Right now this application is just available for the iPhone or iPad users.