Crowdnext A Crowd Venture Capital with Blockchain, bringing first of its kind of Liquid VC Fund


Crowdnext is next Generation  Crowd Venture Funding on Ethereum Network. Using smart contracts, Crowdnext wants to offer the opportunity to replace the traditional  Venture Capital systems with a powerful one using the Blockchain technology. New features of accountability and transparency will be brought in the game by implementing the Blockchain technology and therefore increasing the trust factor between the Investor and the entrepreneurs.

Crowdnext vision is to develop Blockchain technologies to disrupt the venture capital Sector with the first of its kind of  liquid and comprehensive VC fund, issuing digital securities tokens. Investors can purchase tokens with Bitcoin, Ethers or  other Altcoin. Crowdnext token will be tradable in major crypto exchanges. The mission of the company is set on the new age of digital currency.   has made Venture Capital  accessible to any investor, unlike traditional Venture Capital is restricted accredited investors

Crowdnext, the Blockchain Crowd Venture Funding company have some key features that makes it different from a normal  Crowdfunding. Firstly, it uses the Blockchain technology and therefore it can record transaction in a secure, transparent. Secondly, Crowdnext uses smart contracts – which offers a massive flexibility compared to traditional. Crowdnext issue token using the Ethereum technology. All the investors can purchase asset based token of the company and not only that – the digital shares are stored in the open ledger system where all the parties and shareholders can monitor the development and growth.

the Crowdnext idea of implementing the Blockchain technology in the Venture Capital field is one of the best I’ve heard this year. In 2016, there was an estimation of 2000 crowd funding platforms worldwide – with different niches and purposes. Some of them looked to help people launch the next business unicorn while others only wanted to make the world a better place. Crowdnext could bring something new and fresh in this business by allowing people to invest in companies using Crytocurrency.

Srini Chakwal, Founder &  Business Leader of Crowdnext Corp who has more than 15 years of experience in the Private Equity & Venture Capital Industry  and Chris Ocansey, Vice President of Crowdnext Corp, with over 15 years of experience in the Technology industry. They plan to bring Crowdnext on the first place in the top of the crowd Venture funding.

For people that are interested in the idea, there’s a good part. Crowdnext will have their own ICO soon first quarter of 2018. The symbol of the Crowdnext token will be CNX and they estimate they will obtain between $100 million in the ICO token sales. Right now they haven’t mentioned the exact number of tokens sold on the ICO – but more news are coming on their website. Be sure to subscribe to their newsletter so you find out news about them easier.

Crowdnext is one of the most interesting Blockchain projects I’ve heard in the past days. Their idea to create a Crowd Venture Funding network based on the Ethereum Blockchain has a great potential and hopefully in the future years we’ll hear from a lot of tech startup’s  started because they were founded by Crowdnext.