Contribution of Hyderabad real estate in Indian GDP / Economy


Real estate is generally used to refer to an asset or property which would generally consist of land or buildings or both in the collection along with the crops, trees, minerals which are pre-existing in  the land. This does help to decide the value for the land. The business of buying, selling renting land, buildings or the house is also called real estate. The word is a legal word and it can be used in jurisdiction in all countries whose constitution has been at any point influenced, affected, or derived from the British law.

After there was a downfall in the prices of the rates in the terms of real estate Hyderabad is witnessing a recovery after the multi- national companies along with India Inc started showing up there and setting up their offices and shops. This helped the real estate developers, builders to carve out new projects lucrative enough to set the market going again. You can visit to read more about these projects in detail.

The reasons why real estate industry in Hyderabad is at a rise are:

1) Political Stability

The division of the state is now old news and the K. Chandrasekhar Rao’s govt has been showing interest in improving the city by means improving the city in business sector.

2) Improvement in Infrastructure

The K. Chandrashekhar Rao’s government has worked keenly to develop the infrastructure of the city of Hyderabad. The metro plan drafted is very good and will connect the eastern and the western sections which are the IT hubs.

3) Demand for the Residential Property Will Increase

The MNC’s are showing interest in the city of Hyderabad and are setting up their centres in the city which is making the city a major market area which would create jobs which would increase the demand for residential property.

4) Property Rates Are Still Affordable

The city of Hyderabad has areas which have the average price of property ranges from Rs 3,500/- per sq. foot to Rs 5,000/- per sq which is very much affordable and the developing IT hub makes it a lucrative spot.

5) Experts Expect Heavy Returns

There has been a rise which is seen in the past year in regards to the market of real estate and the experts are expecting this to rise even more and thus investing in this market is sure to give heavy returns as per them.

These are the reason which has shown an upsurge in the real estate industry in the city of Hyderabad. This will affect the Indian economy to a very great extent and the country has to benefit from this greatly. The major reason or factors have been stated above but the ways in which this will affect the Indian economy are:

Due to the lesser price in developing areas of the city it is a lucrative option for upcoming business and start-ups and companies which show a promising future. They get a very settled spot with a world class market and many of these companies are sure to give heavy returns which would benefit the country.

Due to the developing IT hubs in the city there have been a lot of jobs created for the Indian citizens most of which has been from the MNCs this would certainly boost the Indian economy.

Due to developing market in the city of Hyderabad many MNCs have set up their centres which would increase the investment in India and Indian market which are sure to get a boost from this.

The economy is sure to benefit from the revenue generated by the taxes by foreign companies investing in this upcoming market and the major reason would be the development of the IT Hub.