Common types of small business insurance coverage


The importance of safety cannot be emphasised enough, especially for those who own businesses, in order to keep themselves protected and ensure continued success. For this it is crucial to have complete knowledge about various types of insurance coverage available and how each of these can be beneficial in safeguarding your small business. Listed below are a few types of small business insurance you can avail.

 Coverage for Property

Property of your business involves the premises, tools, equipment, inventory, merchandise etc. These are a few tangible investments you need to make for running a business and in case these get damaged due to accident then your company might have to bear a huge loss. Not only that, but it could take a lot of time for your business to become up and running again in the absence of right equipment and sellable products. Property coverage keeps your business’s physical property safe in certain cases, outlined in the policy.

 Coverage for Liability

Lawsuits are quite common in business world and at times it can become difficult to avoid one. Being prepared is the only wise solution to limit the loss your business might have to suffer in case of a lawsuit. This is possible by opting for insurance providing liability coverage, which is further divided into three types, namely general liability – it protects you from being sued in case of injuries, negligence or accidents at business premises, product liability – in case of defective product or any damage or injury caused by your product this coverage can prove helpful and professional liability – to keep you protected against negligence and errors.

 Coverage related to employees

This insurance coverage can vary depending upon the total number of workers in your business, along with other factors. Primarily it helps to safeguard you if a claim is filed by any of your former employees against your business or company. Similar to this is the employee compensation coverage, the purpose of which is to protect you if a worker gets injured on job site.

 Coverage for vehicles

Generally businesses involve use of vehicles, which need to be protected as well against accidents and damage. This policy offers cover and protects your business if an accident occurs involving your business vehicle.

Coverage for data

Personal data of your employees, as well as clients, is the property of your business and should not be shared or used by anyone outside the company. In case of loss of such data your business might have to face severe penalties. However, you can safeguard your company in such a situation by opting for data breach or compromise coverage.

Some of the small business insurance coverage types mentioned above are mandatory for businesses, while others can be chosen as per requirement and convenience. It is suggested to read each policy, its terms and conditions carefully in order to become aware of what other cover it offers and in which situations. All in all, it is beneficial to opt for the right insurance coverage which will keep you and your business safe from facing any major setback in case of an unfortunate incident.