Cloud Based Systems for Receipts


If you find keeping paper receipts a chore, why not do a little research into cloud based systems that store receipts securely and safely? This innovative way of storing receipts can definitely make life simpler especially for businessmen or women. No matter whether your business is large or small, online expense management is the answer. Software can be installed in the cloud or on your phone helping you to manage all of your business expenses. Sounds good? Then try it now.

All you have to do to set up expenses software is provide your email address to receive a welcome email. Next:-

  • Click the link to verify your account
  • Enter your company details when the registration page appears
  • Provide a password
  • You can now use your account

What you can do with this amazing software

With all the necessary tools in the Administration section of the software you can organise your expense workflow quite easily. You are able to:-

  • Create policies
  • Create approval flows
  • Create Departments
  • Invite or create users to define their particular roles within the system

If your business is in the UK, VAT and mileage rates for instance can also be pre-populated according to HRMC regulations.


Make more use of your precious time

Time is always of the essence to companies that are constantly busy. Staff often have little time to spend on expenses, so to make life easier, read more about cloud based systems for receipts. It’s an easy method for those responsible in the finance section of your business with everything at their fingertips. Any problems or questions, just ask friendly advisers who can give answers to queries such as:-

  1. Am I tied into a long term contract?
  2. Which mobile platforms do you support?
  3. Is the mobile app free?
  4. Are upgrades free?
  5. How does your pricing plan work?

Using quick ways and reliable software to keep receipts will surely give you and your staff more time to get on with more important things during the working day.

Advantages of cloud computing

There are many advantages of using cloud computing, saving receipts to an account in the cloud. Lots of hours spent on expense reports will be saved while making your company more efficient. There’s less hardware, expenditure on IT, staff and space which will result in cost saving. The infrastructure and expertise cloud computing provides, also offers more security, an important factor in today’s world of business. Other advantages are:-

  1. Being able to recover quickly from major website problems.
  2. Experiencing ongoing and automatic upgrades to software.
  3. Efficient online file exchanges so co-workers have the same files.
  4. A cut down in paper waste and a better use of resources.

Cloud computing is a relatively new aspect in business. However with so much information on relevant websites, it’s certainly worth reading up on. Give it a try soon; there are often 30 day trials available.