Cause of a Claim


After sustaining a personal injury or becoming aware of an injury from an earlier incident, it is important that a person understands his or her rights to request compensation for costs incurred due to the injury. Pursuit of a compensation claim is the legal avenue for financial reimbursement of a personal injury.

When to Pursue a Compensation Claim

Personal injuries can be sustained at work, in traffic accidents, from criminal injuries, by medical negligence, or other negligence. Accidents or intentional acts that happen in everyday life can result in injury that could be subject to a compensation claim. Whether or not a compensation claim is successful is dependent on a number of factors, which are best understood and analysed by a compensation claims company or solicitor.

How to Pursue a Compensation Claim

The compensation claim should be made against the person, company, or organisation responsible or accountable for the personal injury. Sometimes, identifying the responsible party can be difficult, and a compensation claims company or solicitor specialising in personal injury can help. As well, a personal injury can be upsetting, and a compensational claims company or solicitor can offer an objective and unbiased viewpoint of the situation.

How to Resolve a Claim

In Lanarkshire compensation claims are often resolved through mediation with the other party. Unusual or highly contentious claims can proceed to either the Court of Session or the Sheriff Court. Legal professionals and compensation companies are able to advise on these different ways of reaching a successful resolution.

Experience and legal knowledge are essential for a successful compensation claim. Even if the situation appears straightforward, there can be nuances and legal requirements that are unknown to a layperson, who is likely unfamiliar with the court system and the process for pursuing a claim. Additionally, strong skills in negotiation and persuasion are advantageous for receipt of full compensation.