Car Insurance Policies in Greece and Athens Driving Tips


Car insurance policies in Greece are of various types, ranging from the standard 3rd Party Liability option that is mandatory by law as it covers against those injured and the damaged materials, to a third party involved in an acceded.

When choosing your insurance company in Greece, look beyond the premiums as you might be attracted to cheap premiums only to find that the company’s standards and services are not at par with the set standards in the insurance industry.

Based on information from Ftini Asfaleia Autokinitou, cheap premiums might be a cover up for a firm below average economic efficiency. Instead, base your decision on respected companies that has been known to honor their promises.

There are also international firms and organizations that run in Greece which can give you value for money. To make buying of your car insurance easier, here are several considerations to make;

1. Company’s Financial Base And Record

Before buying an insurance cover, check the time-frame offered by the company to settle the claims presented to it. Also, check the actual solvency margin of the company you’re going to register to. Your car insurance consultant should certainly determine the stability of the company in question.

2. Green Card

Check whether this is issued for free or you’ll have to pay extra premiums to acquire it.

3. International Roadside Assistance

Are you looking for an insurance firm that covers for more than the accidents?

For instance, a cover that caters for when the vehicle is immobilized because of running out of petrol, mechanical failure, flat tire, etc. Talk to your insurance advisor to know whether these will be catered for by your insurance.

4. Does Your Vehicle Commercial Value Included In Your Plan?

Your agreement must be revised on a regular basis so as to reflect the current commercial price for your car. If you fail to follow up on this, you might end up paying higher premiums for a value which will not be compensated in case of an accident.

5. Accessibility

Is the insurance firm accessible at all times; 24-hour customer support? Your insurance firm should have various means through which you can communicate with them in the case of an incident.

6. Are Un-Insured Drivers Covered In Your Plan?

More than a million vehicles in Greece aren’t insured. And moreover, Greek insurance firms consider a drunk driver an uninsured driver. Therefore, it’s important to check whether an insurance firm covers for uninsured drivers in their plans (even the most basic plan).

Even after taking an insurance cover, you just can’t trespass any area in Greece.

You need to take care of yourself and your car. Although driving in mainland Greece and on Greek islands is enjoyable especially for those who have mastered skills of driving defensively, driving in the capital is quite different.

However, Here Are Some Simple Rules of Survival You Need to Know:

1. Driving out of Athens on a Friday before a holiday weekend and coming back by car on the weekend after a holiday weekend is terrible. It normally gets worse during Easter and at the beginning of August when many people normally go for vacations. If you want a swift journey to Athens, then leave when everyone is returning.

2. There are certain times and days when traffic is a nightmare. The times, directions, and days vary depending on the shopping and working hours. Therefore, you might need to familiarize yourself with such times.

Also, remember that unrests can interfere with road movements both in and out of Athens. Most demonstrations are announced in the English language on Kathimerini Daily and are mostly organized in the Syntagma Square headed somewhere.

You can avoid parking between American Embassy and Polytechnic University on November 17th as cars packed on those routed sometimes get smashed, especially if they have foreign plates.

3. If you want to rent a car in Greece, you need to have a valid license from your country. However, Greek law requires you to have a valid U.S. license and International Driving Permit.

There are only two organizations that have been authorized to issue International Permits to those with valid U.S. license: American Automobile Touring Alliance and AAA.

You can be rented a vehicle without an international license but remember, the driver will be fined highly for failure to have one and in the case of an accident; insurance firms do not provide compensation. Those from EU can use their national driving license.

Keep in mind that speed limit in Greece is 100-120kmph on highways and 50kmph in residential areas. The limits are visibly displayed on the roads. Most of the road signs have pictures and therefore, easily understandable.

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