Buy or rent a home

Giving away the keys

We are facing a growth on rentals and people are no longer buying property.This is according to the real estate experts who ensure that moderation in the substantial fall in prices ensures that housing is bottoming out. This is why many have raised the eternal question: Should I buy or rent?

We live in a country of owners, a country predisposed to purchase. It has always been thinking that renting is virtually “put out the money to a fund without funds”, so most of the people have chosen to invest their savings in purchasing a home, especially if there was not much difference between a mortgage and monthly income.

For many, owning a home is to opt for security in the face of situations of unemployment (in the event that you have paid or whether it can be mortgaged) and is also a safe way to be able to secure the future of their children. This explains the “why”, in this country the rental rate is 25% according to the latest report.

However, because of the last outbreak of the real estate bubble, it seems that the car begins to consolidate itself as a real alternative to the mortgage, at least until the adjustment of prices has been completed.

It is worth mentioning that the rental of dwellings in spite of their good spells with which it has started the year in course, you still need of infrastructure. And because of the ease of payment of a mortgage that many financial institutions offer their customers, including, is that today more than 55% of the population is preferring to buy their own homes instead of continuing to pay a monthly fee for a house that is not their own.

Many people believe that the appropriate time to rent a house is maximum 5 years, since it is the time for families to save, even if it’s the 10 or 20% of the real value of the property and in this way, applying for a mortgage loan that is commensurate with their economic capacities.

However, once you have studied a little more on the subject, ask them to buy or to rent? The truth is that the issue of security and financial stability, is a thousand times better to buy a house and this is possible thanks to the financial entities that exist in the country, which are being a little more flexible with their customers, because they know the needs of their customers.

So we invite you to come closer to us and ask about the requirements you need to qualify for a mortgage and so don’t forget to rent.