Bike Insurance Online Renewal is easy


Even though riding a bike without insurance is illegal in India, there are lots of people who unfortunately do not buy bike insurance. But for those who are willing to secure their future from any unwanted events, things are getting easier. Buying bike insurance online is covering grounds and pretty fast as well.

With many benefits associated, it makes a lot of sense to go for bike insurance online renewal. Buying online also provides you with lots of customizations, which would not have been easy otherwise. Checking for insurance online also allows you to take better informed decisions.

Renewing your bike insurance online

Bike insurance online renewal is a pretty simple and straightforward process. If you have decided which insurance company you are going to buy insurance from, then you need to visit their website. You are expected to fill in some basic contact information.

Along with that, you might be asked if you had an insurance policy and whether or not you have made any claims during the previous insurance term. Once you fill up these basic details, you are provided with a quote for your bike insurance.

There is another convenient and efficient way of buying and renewing bike insurance online. There are few websites which allow you to compare bike insurance online. This opens up a plethora of options for the consumers. For the comparison websites, all that you need to do is provide your bike registration number.

The websites would fetch your bike details and ask you for your previous insurance details and provide you with the quotes. If you do not remember your bike registration number, there is nothing to be worried. You can  fill in some basic details of your bike such as bike model, variant and year of purchase and get quotes.

Why renew bike insurance online?

Renewing bike insurance online reduces the insurance premium by a decent margin. The insurance companies don’t have to pay any intermediaries and the administration cost is lower. The same is passed on to consumers.

Apart from the obvious monetary benefit, there are few other advantages also that cannot be ignored.


Buying bike insurance online gives you access to add-ons instantly. Add-ons are additional paid features that you can opt for your bike insurance at paying a nominal price. Some of these add-on covers include insurance for the pillion rider, insurance for spare parts or accessories, etc.

Get policy instantly

Unlike traditional policies where one had to wait for a certain number of days, buying bike insurance online ensures you get your policy instantly. This means the waiting period for your insurance policy reduces drastically. You receive directly in your inbox within minutes of purchase.


If you have not made any claims in the previous term of the insurance, you stand a chance to benefit during the renewal. The bonus is awarded for the reason that you were riding safely and have claimed your insurance. Check for No Claim Bonus eligibility.


Under certain clauses provided by IRDA, members of few groups and people who have installed proven anti-theft mechanisms stand a chance to get a bonus.

The bike insurance online renewal is easy and does not contain any steps that would overwhelm you with technology. The only ask from your end would be some basic contact and previous insurance details. Getting your bike insurance online helps you a save lot of money and get additional features if you choose add-ons.