Beginning of Future Investments – Latest Trends of Big Data


Everyone must have an own plan to start a business in future. The world is running like a race and to survive in this competition you need to improve yourself to give the best with unique skills.

There are two options in everyone’s life. First is to get a good job in a reputed company and then to start an own business. While starting a business is a dream that many people have, most people will never do it. It seems risky and many people get overwhelmed because they don’t know where to even start.

To start a business, it is very important to know about the role of investments and money management for your business. The allure of being your own boss can be strong, but it’s important to remember that launching a new business is risky. It’s a great idea to learn from other’s mistakes and set yourself up for success.

The automation has been a buzzword over the past 5 years, this concept has been streamlining manual processes as early as the steam engine in the 1800s. So, this is the right time to start an own business with the latest technologies that are trending in 2017.

There are so many technologies have been introduced and the current buzz is about Big Data and Cloud Technology. Big Data is everywhere and there is almost an urgent need to collect and preserve whatever data is being generated, for the fear of missing out on something important.

Big Data Analytics has become crucial in improving business, decision makings and providing the biggest edge over the competitors. The demand for big data is high and there are a lot of job opportunities in this sector. The demand for big data certification is also high since Big Data Analytics is a ‘Hot’ job, there is still a large number of unfilled jobs across the globe due to the shortage of required skill.

As per source, more than 60% of the respondents are depending on Big Data Analytics to boost the organization’s social media marketing abilities. India is welcoming a new breed of entrepreneurs and has recently evolved to become the third largest base of ‎technology start-ups in the world. Big data remains one of the fastest-growing segments of the IT industry and the most start-ups turned the focus towards big data by learning Hadoop and real-time streaming data.

There was a tremendous growth of data flow in recent times. The ambitious Jio project could make Reliance the most comprehensive provider of telecom and Internet services across India. It was a huge hit and many telecoms, internet service providers like Airtel, Aircel, Vodafone joins the party with the Jio and introduced many new offers and created lot of opportunities in big data.

There’s no doubt that Big Data will continue to play an important role in many different industries around the world. These data’s can definitely do wonders for a business organization in future and the big data ecosystem is growing rapidly and the massive investments in big data popping up constantly showing that big data means big bucks.