Beat the High Cost of Medical Care


As human beings, we are vulnerable to different kinds of diseases and major health conditions. Like they say, we are walking prey to these viruses, germs, and parasites. Although our body is capable of fighting these unwanted entities, we cannot thoroughly fight it without proper medical care and treatment. To define, Medical care is the treatment and prevention provided by trained and licensed professionals in order to restore and maintain people’s health.

In general, medical care should not only be had by a few people, everyone should experience having medical care. It does not matter what their race, creed, sex, and economic status is, they should be entitled not only to some medical care but the best possible care. Unfortunately, medical care can be really expensive and you might have to get signature loans in Las Vegas, even with health insurance.


This has been a problem for many people, even if they have health insurance. It cannot magically dissolve their medical bill. They still have to provide plenty of cash in order to pay their medical expenses. The sad part about this is, 8 out of 10 people are dying every day without any knowledge of what they have to spend for medical care.

Will this sad fact come to an end? Dying from lack of medical attention could take some time to be resolved, but saving money on health care has already been solved. People can now save money on healthcare without further harming their health. All they need to do is to follow these expert tips on how they can save on medical care.

How to Save Money on Healthcare

1. They have to be patient and stay in their Insurance network.

As they go online and visit different medical practitioners, they must ensure that they are still sticking with their insurance company’s network providers. Once they go out of their network, they will end up with higher payment costs to the extent that the insurance company will not shoulder any payments done out of the network services.

2. Take some time off and shop around.

People these days are much wiser than before. They will not purchase a product or item without shopping around. They should carry this kind of attitude as they seek for the best deal when it comes to medical care. They can practice doing this, whenever they have a non-emergency procedure on scheduled. They still have the time to check out and compare their areas medical prices for all sorts of procedure and medical services.

3. Utilize the presence of health insurance freebies.

The majority of health care insurance plan provides free preventive care and insurance holders should use it. It is better to solve small problems before they turn into a huge health problem. Like what everybody is saying, “Prevention is better than a cure”. Besides the free preventive care, health insurance policies also have different kinds of perks, from gym discounts to coupon codes. As a loyal paying insurance holder, they should make use of their freebies.

4. Discuss about pill splitting with their physician.

They are some patients who save money on health care by splitting their pills in half. For a sample, their physician asks them to take a 10mg of a certain drug and since that drug has the same retail cost with a 20mg pill, they could ask their doctor if they can cut the pill. With this method, they can attain more pills with the same price.

5. They should try their best NOT to end up in the ER (Emergency Room).

When in need of health care, they should do their best not to end up in the ER. It should be their last remedy. If they ended up in the ER, for sure they will get less personal services and will be surprised with their high ceiling payment bills. In some insurance plans, an ER visit could cost $150 while an office visit will only cost $20. To save money on health insurance they should go straight to an urgent care center where the wait is usually shorter compared to the ER.

6. Be a smart consumer and check the medical bills multiple times.

Like any other type of bills, medical bills are not always right. It also encounters mistakes. Some common errors in medical bills include charges on medicines not administered, medical services never rendered, double billing and an additional charge on room items that should be part of their stay as a patient. To prevent this from happening, they could request an itemized billing statement so that they can thoroughly check and inspect their bills for any mistakes. If they have found a minor or major error, they should immediately call the health care providers billing department.

7. Always ensure to receive dental attention.

Oral health has a huge connection to a person’s overall health. When a dental disease is detected, it could be linked to a much larger health issue which includes diabetes, cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis and others. If they really want to save money on healthcare they should prioritize their oral health. If they are one of those people without dental insurance, they should look for a dental school or public dental practitioners that take in patients for free or with a cheap dental fee and you won’t need to see how to get a payday loan.


8. Make some inquiries about Over-the-Counter Medications.

Branded medicines can cut a huge chunk out of anyone’s savings, to save money on prescription medications, it would not hurt if they ask their physician or a pharmacist if they’re prescribed medicine have any substitute. Alternative medicine is a lot cheaper compared to the branded ones.

9. Consider trying the generic medicines.

This is one of the greatest ways to save some money on medications. Besides, Generic drugs are already being embraced by many these days for the mere fact that its effects are the same as with the branded but are a lot cheaper. This is perfect for those patients with maintenance drugs that should be taken on a regular basis and without fail.

10. Go online for prescription drug prices.

Pharmaceutical drugs being sold online often have a lower retail price compared to those medicines the public can purchase at brick and mortar pharmacies. Besides that, online pharmacies often offer free shipping to their consumers.