Avoid Holiday Stress With Payday Loan


The holidays can be a stressful time for most Canadians and for reasons you may not think. Sure, wading through crowds at the mall, dealing with holiday travel, and speaking with your estranged (and slightly strange) cousins during the season can get your blood pressure up, but the state of your finances can really get you sweating. Last year, the average adult intended to spend roughly $760 on gifts. That figure doesn’t account for those added expenses that tend to crop up as you host and attend celebrations. If you’re lucky, you can comfortably cover all of these purchases, but if you’re not, you may find yourself at the end of your savings with still more bills to pay. Through the shock of your holiday cash shortfall, remember small dollar loans can help you out in a pinch.


Your loan should never be confusing. If you notice a lender uses ambiguous or complex language, then they mean to complicate or obscure critical details regarding their terms and conditions. You may just miss somethingimportant (like a hidden fee) and agree to a loan you have no ability to repay. Stick to those companies, such as GoDay, that conduct their business openly, with clear and simple language. As you can see over at GoDay.ca, there’s no confusion over word choice or syntax when it comes to their payday loans. In addition to easy to follow language, there should also be a team of loan specialists available to take your questions via chat, email, or phone should you have any concerns regarding the size or term of your loan.


Often times Canadians will turn to payday lenders because financial assistance through conventional means involves bureaucratic red tape and lengthy wait times. Fast and easy access to cash is an important feature of any lender, so confirm they’ve created a streamlined process from start to finish. A lender like GoDay has made it possible to qualify in as little as 5 minutes, and in some cases they can connect you with your cash in as little as 1 hour after you’re approved.

Budgeting Help

If you intend to learn from your mistakes, then you’ll be looking for ways to tighten your budget as you would your belt after a long season of overindulgence. You may be surprised to find that the source of your loan can also be the source of some practical financial tips. Those lenders that are a part of the Canadian Payday Loan Association are committed to providing an education that helps you become more financially aware. This includes helpful budgeting guides, savings advice, and access to a variety of financial tools like credit counselling, financial apps, and credit reports. If they’re anything like GoDay, they make these tips easy to find on their homepage.

Don’t let the holidays stress you out more than they have to. Keep your blood pressure low by keeping these features in mind the next time you realize you’re going to be short. By confirming a lender has these traits, you’ll find a loan that solves your cash flow problems without dooming your finances in the New Year.