Are There Benefits to Using Estate Planning Forms Like Wills Online?


Estate Planning Forms can be found in multiple version and packages online. Standard estate planning packages will almost always include Last Will and Testament, some type of Durable Power of Attorney, Advanced Directive or a Medical Power of Attorney.  This takes care of the very basics in Estate Planning.  They will not include things like a Revocable Living Trust.  For that you will need to see an attorney to set it up.  Living Trusts are excellent ways for those who have a fairly large estate and want to avoid probate.

However, for those who either do not have the time yet or the money to create a trust, having a will is still an important step to protect those you love.   A will, even created using online packages will designate who receives what in your family and also avoid any type of designation to family members that you do not wish to inherit your estate.  Additionally, these packages come with other legal documents that could be very important.

Power of Attorneys give people that you find trustworthy control of your those important decisions in the event that you cannot make them yourself.  That means being able to write checks for a mortgage, make medical decisions or even certain end-of-life decisions.  No one wants strangers or those who have no idea of their wishes to be in charge of the most critical and import decisions involving your life or dignity.

In short, yes, certainly there are multiple benefits to using online Estate Planning Forms.  They are important, preventative, documents that will let you and those around you have the provisions they need to make decisions or receive those financial portions or property items you wish them to have.