Apptivo – An Invoice App for your Business


Every day many businesses get started and most of those business owners experience it for the first time so they don’t know much about it. All of experienced or unexperienced has been using modern technology for their business, big or small. Not only business but all the other aspects of our lives have also been dependent upon the modern technology. There is nothing these days that we can’t do without the help of technology either it is shopping or managing a business all can be done with the help of different apps, software programs etc. All this modern technology don’t spoon feed us but help us and our work takes less time than usual with the help of it and in a business, anything that could decrease the workload is a blessing even in a small business anything that could reduce the pressure of work is a lot of help. Apptivo is one of those blessings for businesses which help with making invoices.

What is invoice?

An invoice is a commercial document containing information about sale transaction, type and quantity of products and their agreed prices and other services being offered, this document is given to the buyer by the seller. It also contains information about the discount that has been offered of the products and these invoices also help a business owner keep in the tab of their products being sold and bought. Invoice making could take up a little more of your time than you are willing to do and it sure needs time to time updating too. Apptivo is an app that helps you with this kind of thing and with having Apptivo you can consider this problem of yours solved as it do most of your work in a very short time and then you are able to focus on other things in your business well.

About Apptivo

Apptivo is a business app suite which was initially launched in 2009 and since then it has been providing it services to the small business all over the world. Apptivo is being used in almost 195 countries all over the world and has helped over 150,000 businesses in all these countries and that really is an achievement of the Apptivo. Apptivo helps to make your business invoices at such an affordable price. Apptivo not only serves businesses by invoicing but also offer a number of other offers like

  • Product management
  • CRM software
  • Communication needs

Apptivo thinks that small businesses are the root of economic growth and by serving them they are achieving their goals of serving the economy. Apptivo is being used by the businesses of all sizes and the number of the users or clients of Apptivo has been increasing day by day.  The overall response of users of Apptivo about its services has been really great and all of them seem more than satisfied by its work. Business owners are getting a great help out of Apptivo by using a number of its apps.

Qualities of Apptivo

Apptivo is a very customizable yet very flexible. It provides us with a great number of very customizable applications and it helps to increase the communication of business owners with their customers.  It is a very easy to use the system and it let you control a different aspect of business with the help of different applications using only one dashboard. Its support service allows it, clients, to contact with them any time they want to either through phone, email or chat. Apptivo has more than 50 applications for you to control and run your business in less time. Another very important quality of Apptivo is that it is really time-saving as compared to any other such application suite and has a very quick response to online customer service centre as has been told by its users.

Apptivo Invoicing:

Invoicing app of Apptivo is one of its very remarkable features. It is very convenient to use and help you make invoice within no time. Invoice making can be a very time-consuming process but with the help of Apptivo invoice app, it is no more a problem. You can so quickly make a pdf of your invoice and can send it to the buyer within no time and all this efficiency is very positive for the progress of your business. It is a mobile and tablet friendly app too which means it can be used from your mobile phone and tablet too.  Following are the few other features that Apptivo invoice app can provide you with

· Online payment:

Online billing is a modernised way to receive or pay the bill in today’s business world so if we find any such thing we should consider a blessing to our business. Apptivo invoice app provides you with the facility of online payment too. It provides an online payment gateway by which buyers can pay the bill through PayPal, or zip mark. This app has made the payment system all easy, creative and quick.

· Recurring billing software:

For the people who want to receive their income periodically as it is an easier way to deal with your business then Apptivo invoice app can be really useful for them in this case as it allows you to create the reliable periodic income with subscription billing system. All you have to do is to select the frequency and the starting date for this recurrent income system and let the Apptivo invoice take care of the rest of it.

Pdf invoice templates:

This Apptivo invoice app has an automated template builder to create your updated invoice pdfs and send it to your customers routinely. You can choose your field your business is built in and can upload your own business logo and can do a lot of stuff here at the Apptivo invoice app. The pdf templates that this application creates of your invoice are very professional though.

· Mobile invoicing app:

As already been told that it is a mobile based application too which means it is more easy to use and we can also use it from wherever we want to, we are no longer bound to our offices to create or upgrade an invoice and you can remain in touch with your business invoicing from anywhere in the world you are and can send invoice reports to your customers anytime, making your business all more efficient.

· Reports:

With the help of Apptivo invoice application, you can also create different reports and can save or send them. You can make the commission report on your employees or can also make a general report for a selected period of time for all of your invoices.

· Reminders:

Reminders on this app help the customers remind them about their due payment of the invoices and when they get notified about their due payment they pay it on time. All these reminders are sent automatically so you don’t have to stress about it and also in case you forget to send a reminder yourself.

· Penalties for late payment:

You can yourself set penalties for the customers whose payments are still overdue even after the reminder to them has been sent. Penalties are based upon the rules you have set.

All the above qualities show what a great app Apptivo is to run a successful business and the help it can provide us in many ways and can reduce the stress that comes with handling the business.