America’s booming pet care industry


Pet care is a booming industry in the US thanks to so many families spoiling their animals in grooming parlours and buying fancy accessories. Today, pets not only have expensive accessories but also expensive health care. Owners now choose to pay for diagnostic tests and other sophisticated options to ensure their pets continue to thrive.

Some of the pet care costs taking the US by storm are not only necessities, or even accessories, but also things such as pet spas and gyms; in fact, you can pay for a dog or cat to use a treadmill, have a massage or enjoy a gourmet meal. The pet food business has boomed in recent years thanks to pets’ new diets.

Vet care costs

As human medicine progresses, so too does animal medicine. Anything applied to humans will eventually be applied to animals; therefore, it is only logical that vet care costs will spiral upwards as people try to give their pets the best care they can afford. Diagnostic tests are proving more and more popular, with vets offering CT scans and MRI machines, while other procedures have been made more pleasant for animals with scans instead of invasive treatments.

Vet care has grown in cost in recent years, with fees rising by about 12 per cent each year. Owners also often buy pet insurance to cover the costs of expensive treatments should they occur. With more diagnostic tests available as medical advancements progress, it is likely that costs will increase further; however, it can take a long time to get a new procedure or device approved.

Fast track 510 approval

Many makers of sophisticated devices are now asking how long does it take to get a FDA 510k approved? The answer is that it can often be many months or even years; however, it is possible to fast track your 510 submissions using a company such as to get your device to market faster. This means pets and vets can benefit from the device and the company can start to make money more quickly.

Pets are receiving better care than ever these days; therefore, it makes sense for companies to be able to get their devices and health treatments approved quickly so that they can get them to market and begin helping the animals that need them.