Adaptation of New Technology in Startup Business – Pros and Cons


Technology development is a reason for the success of most of the businesses today. Most of the startup business and small business today, make use of the popular advanced technologies. The reason for this is the advancement of the technologies. There are both advantages and disadvantages related to using the technologies for the business. The increased efficiency and improved features in these technologies lead the business to a better position.

Even though these technologies offer some benefits to the business, adopting such technologies also has some downside. So, a business owner must consider the pros and cons of a technology before going to adopting it for the business.



 Improve workflow

Most of the advanced technologies improve the workflow of the business. The main advantage of these technologies is that it can create great convenience for your business and among your employees. This can lead to improved workflow and efficiency. This also helps you to manage the projects and resources in an efficient manner.

Improve efficiency

Using technologies for the business helps a business to manage the projects efficiently. This makes the business organization to complete the projects on time without any delays. As the projects are efficient, it definitely meets the requirement specifications and constraints of the project. A business owner can learn how to utilize the new technologies from DeVops Certification which will be very useful to handle business.

Increase business profits

As using advanced technologies helps you to manage the projects and complete it on time it will gain more profits to the business. That is if a business organization provides the work correctly, this will create a good impression among the customers. This, in turn, makes the business to get more and more projects to the business. Thus it improves the business profits


Although the new technologies provide some benefits, it also has some defects.

It cannot replace human

Technology cannot be used at all times. Sometimes a replacement for the technology is needed. That is technology cannot replace you in your business. Similarly, in a business one cannot use technologies all the time. Even some important situations need the support of human power. Also, the human support will create better results than the technologies sometimes.

It is expensive

As the technologies developing at a faster rate, the price of these also increases. Some business organizations create a budget limit for their business and works. In such situations, adapting new technologies may deviate from the targeted budget. For example, using new software for the business may too expensive.

Difficult to implement

Adapting new technologies provide better results to the business. But sometimes implementing these technologies may be difficult sometimes. That is sometimes some software cannot support the business configuration sometimes. In that time, adapting new technologies can be critical.

In such a scenario, a business owner can know how to implement such technologies from training such as Prince2 Certification.

New and advanced technologies and their uses provide both merits and demerits to a business depending upon its uses and the business.